“I direct my business because I want to get paid a decent wage.”

“I direct my business because I want to get paid a decent wage.”

Agata Rocca I Xavi Saez They star in a dramatic and comedic play that keeps the audience laughing. A university professor lives in the city Fragility She has to face eviction from her home and has to find a new apartment to move into. In the process everything turns against him, and the sexual community is represented in seven different characters played by comedian Xavi Saez. Agata Rocca, for her part, and as we already expected A reflects A few months ago, he had the great challenge of dealing with many diverse emotions in the retreat of a strong but lonely woman. Let's interview Victoria Sponberga writer who in a short time was able to premiere her latest dramatic texts at the Sala Beckett, the National Theater and now the Free Theater.

Is it a work on Kant?
The work is by no means the work of experts. It has a layer of philosophy And criticism of Kant's absolute determinism, especially criticism of Kant's derivatives. Very briefly, when I refer to this term from Kant, I am talking about a principle that generates a universal moral law that includes all our actions.

So tell us where the suggestion comes from.
First I start the writing process and before I finish it I do the casting process. The heroine of the novel is a very ordinary and very lonely woman, and if I had not put her in the play, she would certainly not have been the heroine of any novel. I also make this woman visit several men. This is the structure. At first, I thought about more variety, but when we thought about it with Albert Biguan, we narrowed it down to these seven men who relate to a type of man, which has a lot to do with discount Which implies Kantian categorical determinism.

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Photo: Sylvia Butch

And from what you've said, there's actually a very experimental element to the work. You know first hand what you are dealing with.
It's not one Self-imaginationIt is a work written in dramatic dialogue. There are monologues and dramatic monologues. I was looking for an apartment and dedicated myself to recording the people who showed me the apartments. I registered commercial agents because they were always the heroes of the same situation comedy. At that moment I saw the play. In addition, several friends told me about their situation at university and this seemed to me the perfect excuse to build the play from this connection.

Therefore, it addresses the issue of housing and teachers.
The plot is as follows: The teacher is inside the system; An academic, unable to control circumstances, is on the verge of becoming a marginal woman.

It was your last work body weight In the National Theater. A play about aging and dependency.
a body weight She didn't know if the performer or character was speaking. Here I am building a complete dramatic work. In terms of form and structure that respects a very compact and closed form.

I was looking for an apartment and devoted myself to recording the people who showed me the apartments; I registered commercial agents because they always seemed to me like the heroes of the same situation comedy

Thematically, I remember few plays about housing. Nerium Park Josep Maria Miro, for example.
ThemeHousing It's a very recent topic. That's why we have so few plays. We grew up under the illusion that housing was affordable. If we think about it, these price increases have been enormous. I've always wanted to Living in rent But I really can't do that now. condition ExpatriatesBasically, this is one of the reasons I deplore it. The hero confronts her directly. For me the numberexpatriate It's very interesting and that's why it exists. As I said, this would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

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He turned again. No one wants to mentor you?
The director is paid three to four times more than the author. That's why I go, because I want to get a decent wage. When the script is not essential, I can understand that the director has such a big role. But in cases like text theatre, we still struggle a lot unfairness.

Photo: Sylvia Butch

Your theater is all social. But what does that mean?
Yes we can talk about it Social theatre. There are many ways to understand this. I've always been drawn to the need for the fantasy element. We certainly talk about social theater as a very broad classification of theatre. Yes. In my case, they are social issues and a specific point of view, my point of view.

You are a teacher at the institute. Does this make you wonder why you do everything you do? What decisions do you make?
Yes. Very much It's a very good question. It has a very good part and a dangerous part, I've thought about it a lot. I really enjoy teaching and have very creative students. I only take drama classes and yes, I probably overthink the things I do. At the institute they will tell you that I don't know how to direct, my district is a district Dramaturgy. As a director I do what I can and this gives me a more realistic tool. Intuition is essential. I have neither read nor have a directing style. Of course, when I edit, I write my memoirs. For example, I write down dreams and thoughts. everyone. It's a journal where I try to arrange everything. It's very difficult to get close to Theatrical intuitionIt has a lot to do with listening. When we got to the room, we had to sort through all the ideas using a Godet machine. It cannot be explained rationally, but it must be listened to.

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