Environmental efficiency, key to the agri-food sector

Environmental efficiency, key to the agri-food sector

Environmental efficiency, key to the agri-food sectorDJ

The agri-food sector faces two important challenges in the near future: profitability and sustainability. I think eco-efficiency is the key to overcoming it. This concept includes factors such as food production that respects the environment and ecosystems, while ensuring profitability and the search for efficiency. I believe it is necessary to make institutions and society aware that eco-efficiency and sustainability are the only alternatives to confront the array of social, economic and environmental challenges that are approaching us.

We first need to ask ourselves what the environmental efficiency of the agri-food system is. Eco-efficiency in agri-food is a booming trend and can only be achieved through R&D and development. Improving resource efficiency in the agricultural food chain, in the vast majority of cases, leads to significant environmental progress. Digitization, with its extensive use of data, data analysis, precise control and integration of processes, is a very powerful vector for further economic and environmental improvement of the value chain, and can be demonstrated through indicators.

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And this is it The environmental efficiency of the agri-food sector must go through a balance between food production and the preservation of the rural, natural and social environmentThe natural environment is our basic material, the rural environment is our factory, and the social environment is our means of transportation. In this way, we will achieve safer food production that allows to conserve natural resources, reduce negative impacts on the environment and promote the circular and rural economy of society. It seems to me that it is the duty of every professional and society as a whole to strive for greater environmental efficiency of livestock production systems that increases circularity in the agri-food sector.

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