Mara Vinier declares shame live: “..hit and killed”

Mara Vinier declares shame live: “..hit and killed”

Mara Vinier announced the shame of living that left everyone speechless: here are the details and the curiosity

One of the presenters who has always shown her greatest professionalism and talent in every gesture and in the entertainment world is the Queen of SundayMara Vinier. During her significant career, she was one of the famous actresses in the world of Italian cinema in the eighties and nineties, demonstrating her great penchant for directing one of the longest-running shows on television: Domenica In. A few months ago, a woman made an ad that left the web folks speechless.

Curiosities about Mara Vinier (web image)

This eighteen-year-old woman, originally from Venice, is following her first husband in the capital who dreamed of the show. So she has also acted in some hit movies among which we can remember some likes Italian Diary By Sergio Capogna, taken from the short story Wanda Written by Vasco Pratolini, Crimes and Perfumes, Night Club, Paparazzi and Sheep in the Grass in 2015.

In the early ’90s, nanny Louie discovered Mara Venier’s leadership talent and offered her an introduction The famous Cantagiro with Fiorello which was almost unknown. This was followed in 1993 by the famous delivery of Domenica In With Luca Giorato. Due to his resourcefulness and professionalism, Mara Vinier was chosen to be the single leader of the aforementioned program which, after 30 years at the helm, remains today, after 30 years.

The beautiful broadcaster Mara Vinier, She is often very active on social media and loves to comment and share her special life moments with her followers. Oftentimes, it is criticized by so-called haters But try to put it in place immediately.

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Some time ago, Mara Venier indulged in an unbelievably long outburst.

Mara Veneer’s long spree

Mara Gad
Touching confession of Mara Vinier (photo web)

At the start of the new edition of Domenica In, the wonderful host Mara Venier made an important consideration about the aforementioned program she has been running for years which made her feel very comfortable.

In September, to be exact, she said:Every year I say it’s the last, but at Domenica In I don’t know how to say no. A program that gave me everything, starting with the emotion of the audience. And in my heart. During the pandemic, when I was afraid to take the virus home, Dominica Ann gave me more credibility because I was one of them, and one of the audience watching us.”

And he continued in the first episode of the program, there was a very special guest: “In the first episode I will host the sister of the murdered woman in Bologna who was on the phone with the victim only when she was injured. and killed. It’s hard for her because it’s not easy to talk on TV with those who are still in pain inside.”

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