He was hospitalized for a week

“The more time passed, the more attached I became to him,” he commented. I became eclectic over the years. The woman you share your existence with, your children, your grandchildren, the people you’ve always worked with, the turtles, the dogs, the cats, the Roma. Just was missing in my daily life. It made me suffer, it made me so proud, it’s time to do something for her and her people.” A year and a half ago Gelorossi became «Communication strategy consultant». He cared about that loud name. Tusk then leaves, without regret: Costanzo notices that he has not been adequately informed and that he has no scope for action. Always consistent, even if he declared himself “loyal to Mourinho”.

Engaged in new challenges until his later years, sober until a few days before closing, Costanzo He followed the Sanremo Festival from a room in Baedia on Corso Francia, where he was hospitalized for about a week. The funeral room will be set up on Saturday and Sunday in Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio (entrance from Portico del Vignola; Saturday from 10:30 to 18, Sunday from 10 to 18, FFP2 mask recommended). The funeral will take place on Monday, February 27, at 3 p.m., in the Artists’ Chapel in Piazza del Popolo.
An inseparable link between the conductor born in Rome on August 28, 1938 and his hometown, who has always retained a crafty and ironic spirit, capable of welcoming even the most strange and seemingly disturbing elements, as he demonstrated with The Maurizio Costanzo Show of the Parioli Theatre, where he was also artistic director for one season.

In his previous life there piazza della Libertà and via Poma, the same place where Simonetta Cesaroni was killed, in the province of Mazzini-Delle Vittore. The nerve heart of the capital’s communications. A stone’s throw from Rai’s headquarters on viale Mazzini, even if few like him are able to alternate between public and private service in life: From State Grid to Mediaset, And return. Never exhausted: in 1966 he co-authored the lyrics for the song “Se telephoning”, written with Ghigo De Chiara, music by Ennio Morricone, brought to the success of Mina. In the mid-1970s creator and presenter of several budding TV shows: good for them (1976-1978), Aquarium (1978-1979), Great Italy (1979-1980) and Charm (1984). Who do they expect maurizio costanzo show, Where he pushed the talk-show technology even further, which he invented in competition with the young Luciano Rispoli: in the episodes titled “One Against All” only one guest was invited, usually a politician or showman, who had to answer questions from the audience , even sometimes provocative.
his loyalty and Courage to expose yourself They also subjected him to the attacks of criminals: it was on May 14, 1993 when a Fiat Uno car filled with ninety kilograms of a mixture of TNT, T4, pentrite and nitroglycerin exploded near the Parioli Theatre. The target was he, who has always been involved in fighting the mafia. The attack failed, because the instigators of the attack were expecting Alpha Romaor. But that day, Maurizio and Maria got into a Mercedes. Twenty-two people were injured. He said from his audience in Parioli, in the presence of Berlusconi: «I survived the attack by chance. Mafia offenders were arrested in the first and second degree by the court of Florence. The investigations testified that I was pursued for more than a year and a half. Fortunately, there was a “conflict of interest” between the Corleonesi and the Catanese over who should have the “privilege”. Then the Corleonesi got the franchise. And then for three seconds and the Wall of Providence just lay low here…here.”
Only one regret, he said, and it was related to his existence
Whose name is in the list of P2 Masonic lodges. Being “attached” to Licio Gelli means goodbye to TV, to Rizzoli’s editorial duties, to the role of director of “Occhio”: “Days, days of silent phone. I was alone, at that time, in my Roman house in Viale Mazzini ». It was Sergio Zavoli who gave him a new impetus, but he was the first to want to get back in the game, specifying what happened “a big mistake, but mistakes make you good and make you grow. I don’t believe those who say they never do anything, what nonsense … But there are also those who make two or three big mistakes. I am one: and I admit it.”

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And if there is a religion that I acknowledge, Andrew Montanelli had: ShMy uncle, who had understood my early passion for journalism, sent home scraps of the third page of the Corriere della Sera. I fell in love with Montanelli, I found the courage to write to him, I was in high school, at that time we went half the week in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. He called me one morning, the phone was hanging on the wall in the corridor. I couldn’t believe it… I saw it in the Roman office on Via della Mercede. He helped me in the first collaboration and encouraged me throughout my life. Costanzino called me. He did it to the end.”
And much more: in 1986 he ran as a candidate of the Radical Party (later he did not hesitate to say “Berlusconi I respect him as a publisher, but I do not vote for politicians”). never graduated, He has taught since 1996 at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Sapienza from Rome. Milan’s Free University of Languages ​​and Communication thought to bridge the gap, awarding him an honorary degree in Journalism, Publishing and Multimedia with the motive “Maurizio Costanzo is a living palimpsest”. And who among the children of the boom generation does not remember that.Good shirt for everyone » From the ad famous in the years 1985 to 1989, followed by a catchphrase that became a chorus, “Just a shirt with a mustache.” In 2007, with some displeasure with the “thief” Gigi Proetti, he took over the artistic directorship of the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome.
Just four months ago to a weekly reporter Seven affiliate Corriere della Sera who asked “How would you like to be remembered?” He replied, “I simply hope As a good person who made a program that lasted forty years. Long seller of Italian TV. I hope that in 2050 it will be possible to abandon the boxes Maurizio Costanzo Show As document and in my memory. Always better…”.

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