The case of Emanuela Orlandi, the recording is shocking “They took it…”

The case of Emanuela Orlandi, the recording is shocking “They took it…”

Whoever watched it is a program dedicated to searching for missing persons and discovering the truth about events. The first episodes of the new year are dedicated to Emanuela Orlandi, but not only: new facts have surfaced. Let’s find out.

June 22, 1983: Emanuela Orlandi Suddenly he disappears after participating in a music lesson. The story of the young Vatican citizen never ended and people today are still searching for the truth behind her disappearance.

Orlando case

After many years of silence, the case of Emanuela Orlandi was reopened a few days ago and Vatican He launched an internal investigation to shed light on some of the proceedings, but above all to understand clearly and definitively the claims supported by the Orlandi family’s lawyers.

In recent years, in an effort to discover the truth about Emanuela’s disappearance, the Vatican has been involved in various investigations, Magliana squadand terrorist activities state. Unfortunately, the desired results were not obtained.

Federica CiarelliPresenter who sawand broadcast on Ray 3Always keep looking for useful clues in the Orlandi case. Sciarelli has always devoted a fair amount of time in the program to investigating the events of Emanuela, and also gave a lot of space to the statements of the girl’s brother.

Details from Attorney Sgrò

during a loop From door to door affiliate January 10thOrlandi Family Attorney, Laura Sgro, that he has some new details regarding this case. Without going into too many details, the lawyer spoke about some conversations and letters of certain people compromise Written by specific people identify themselves.

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Shocking novelty

But in tonight’s episode, Federica Ciarelli will hear a shocking recording of a father: “My son told me they took the girl and took her to the chauffeur de Pedis.”

Enrico Debedesalso called Renato or RenatinoIt was Head of the Romanian mafia organization, or Magliana Ensemble. Tonight, in the studio as a guest, he’ll be there Antonio MancinianyFormer ace of the Magliana gang.

Spreafico case

In addition to the Emanuela Orlandi case, Sciarelli also deals with Greta Sprivicothe 53-year-old rock singer, vanishement from Porto Tolle June 4, 2022in the province of Rovigo. The woman was there to sell the house inherited after her grandfather’s death. However, Greta did not show up for the appointment, and vanished into thin air. The district attorney is investigating the story on impact Kidnapping.

Mandy issue

Other case concerns Claudius Mandeathe Eighteenth It can happen committed suicide in an American school, After it is grounded and isolated to copy the task. According to the words of the parents, the responsibility for the death of their son lies with the American school.

The mother commented on the story as follows: “We filed a complaint in the United States to seek justice. Those we have identified as responsible have responded He requests that jurisdiction be transferred to Switzerland. We have been consulting with our attorneys to understand the best way forward. As a family we want you to be considered.

Our son died in this country, Where the people who were involved in what happened, who were informed, live and stay, and here is the school that hosted our son and that hosts many young people every year.

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Claudio was tortured, abused, deposed, and died. We are devastated and as the months go by it gets worse. We want a fair trial And we want to know it won’t happen to anyone else.”

We just have to keep watching the episodes of those who watched it To find out more details about the many cases examined.

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