“I’m afraid I’ve disappointed them.”

“I’m afraid I’ve disappointed them.”

Beatrice Luzzi was the heroine of the tender moment with her children in GF: This is what happened.

Beatrice Luzzi She is among the contestants most admired by the public for her frankness and complete absence of the hypocrisy she experiences Big brother. In tonight’s episode, Monday, September 25, broadcast on Channel 5, Alfonso Signorini He wanted to give her a beautiful moment with the two people the actress misses most: her two children.

GF, Beatrice Luzzi on her children: “I’m afraid I’ve disappointed my children”

Already this week, Beatrice Almond The protagonist had a heated confrontation with Massimiliano Varese, called her the First Woman, but in general many of the house’s tenants declared that they found the VIP’s attitude extremely hypocritical. On several occasions, Beatrice In confession, she vented her anxiety about the impact of her presence on the reality show and the discussions in which she was the protagonist on the lives of her children:

“They know I am not a hypocrite, and I think they are too angry and worried to do anything. I broke down when I thought that my children could see this unjust farce.”

To Mosul Alfonso SignoriniThe artist revealed the story that links her to her children:

“Their grandparents live in Trieste, my parents are old, and Alessandro and I didn’t want to hire a babysitter, because we couldn’t afford one, but also because we fell in love with these kids. This is the first time we’ve done it and she’s been away a lot.”

Vippona also spoke about the attitude of her travel companions on the programme:

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“I see people talking and gossiping and getting away with it. As for me, I don’t say anything, but I am accused of hypocrisy. I fear that these words will have an impact on their lives. I don’t want to.” This is for them. Going to school and knowing that your mother is accused of being the unpleasant person in this situation is not nice. I see and feel emotions so different from others, it’s like I’m in middle school. “Now I understand better some of my children’s classmates who suffer from this.”

Surprisingly, Alfonso Signorini He then directed her towards the exit, where her two children, Valentino and Elia, were waiting for her. Both boys wanted to reassure their mother:

“You are beautiful mom, we are fine. We are proud of you dad too. We turn on the TV when we can and you are always with us. Keep going, keep going, don’t give up. We are proud of you.” “Don’t be sad, you don’t have to worry about us, we know who you are.”

Then the actress gave them a long hug and apologized to them:I’m sorry for the impression I gave you…but do they talk about that at school? How is it going?“. Valentine’s Day And Elijah They reassured her again and then mentioned the advertisement Alfonso Signorini That their mother is nothing but a hypocrite:

“They called her a hypocrite, but she is quite the opposite. In fact, she is very honest.”

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