Giáel de Donna upset by the separation from Antonino Spinalbes – VIP older brother

Giáel de Donna upset by the separation from Antonino Spinalbes – VIP older brother

in the cosmetic area Yael On a chair, saddened by what happened Anthony And the Mikul He welcomes his annoyance and tears.

This apparent closure seems excessive to me. says Micol, who tries to support her friend and give her time to put the pieces of all the day’s events together. The model says she is disappointed to have received such harsh words from her friend, the lack of so much as well as the anger shown.

“I’ve never seen him so angry, I just let him cool down” Note that speeding up times would be useless, says Mikul. Indeed, Giaele is convinced that the friendship with the hairdresser is now completely compromised: “He did that too AlbertIf he makes a point for a round of applause, it makes me re-evaluate everything.”.

Don’t rush to conclusions. The influencer says directly in front of her friend crying. Then he suggests talking to the VIP in the following rounds “If he had truly decided to end this, then it means that no one has lost anything, in fact, he has already lost.”.

A little later, Jael moves to the sofas next to the Christmas tree, in solitude, with his tears. is to find it Antonella With Edwardand notice the contestant’s silent weeping.

“Antonino decided to shut up with me too and not talk to me anymore” But Eduardo considers these tears excessive, says the model, to overlook, perhaps a solution is possible and if not, he advises his roommate to move on.

“He was a friend of mine, he finished me in a round of applause.” The model resolutely asserts, but the duel also offers a defense of her friend Antonino, who wanted the model to defend her and not make fun of her, as she tells the two important persons present.

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“I felt like applauding because I invited him so many times to talk to Oriana.” Hence the no-return, Gyael explains. The significant person emphasizes Antonino’s decisive, categorical and proud character, his tendency to end relationships once and for all.

While, on the one hand, Eduardo notes that she makes friendships at home less intense and less deep, on the other hand, Antonella invites the model not to trust Oriana too much, because the resentment that the influencer feels towards the hairdresser can affect her.

The VIP is disappointed and says that every time she bonds with someone, every time she trusts them, she always ends up disappointed: “I always realized that in our friendship I always gave 70 and he 30 and now prove it to me”.

For a radio talker and swordsman, albeit with different attitudes and opinions, the friendship between Antonino and Gielle is far from over. Who knows if Christmas had nothing to do with it.

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