Gf Vip, the Selassié sisters are back on TV: where we’ll see them (very soon)

Gf Vip, the Selassié sisters are back on TV: where we’ll see them (very soon)

According to some rumors, the Selassie sisters could soon return to television: that’s where and why.

The Selassie sisters – Jessica, Lulu and Clarissa – literally amaze and charm us in the latest edition of Gf VIP. With their charm, sympathy, and sensitivity, they dominated all these months, from start to finish, and distinguished themselves from the rest of their roommates. anyway Clarissa She came out earlier than her sisters, however, and the talk about her continued from abroad and on social media. And above all he was a valid support for Lulu to Jessica: Motivate, support and support them. In short, the three together make up a winning team and together they have impressed the audience at home with their great history and personality.

Jessica Selassie He won a Gf Vip but the same too lulu She was a big hero inside the house. Her story with Manuel made her well liked by the public and fans are still excited and curious to discover any news and updates regarding them and their concerns. Not surprisingly, according to some rumors circulating on the Internet these days, All three sisters, Selassie, may bet again on TV soon. where is she? And above all to do what?

Gf Vip, the new project of the Selassié sisters

The audience loved so much at home, the Selassie sisters certainly could not disappoint fans in this way. And in fact, they may soon surprise them with really interesting news related to television.

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Leaving aside for a moment the various rumors swirling around each of the sisters that would have seen them take part in different projects, however, we’re not entirely sure for now, so let’s move on to the latest news. according to rumor Launched by Nuovo Tv, apparently, the Selassié sisters after Gf Vip can return to TV. One might think of a TV series that follows the success of A walk with the Kardashians, which former contestants on the reality show Canale Cinque have long said was inspired by. In short, good news that can really come true: we just have to wait for updates about it!

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