Yannick In the final, the Russian was eliminated in two sets 6-1, 6-2

Yannick In the final, the Russian was eliminated in two sets 6-1, 6-2

10.00pm: No match for Medvedev, Siner never stops

(Gaya Picardie) The chess master is always kafir. Medvedev is Kasparov without the castling and without the forehand (5 free errors in the first set alone), nailed like a collector's insect on the diagonal of the backhand by the absolute Yannik, who then sinks it with a drive. There's no pity or game in Miami, The Red Baron sterilizes worries with perfect conformity. His quiet power reached the final for the second year in a row, and eliminated the defending champion: from Russia without any anger, Daniil Medvedev.

The lesson learned from the first two sets of the Australian Open was instructive. A foul is a player who does not commit the same foul twice. So, after two months, he is the one who starts like a rocket so as not to run the risk of having to chase: he has scored two of the seven break points given to him by the Russian, buried by embarrassing statistics (47% of points won with the first), he does not need Extra time, just a simple effort to cancel two chances at 2-1, Then he runs away. 6-1, too good to be true. “This is the highly anticipated final of the tournament. By winning the second Master 1000 tournament of his career tomorrow, he will move up another spot in the rankings: No. 2, vs. Carlos Alcaraz, who regressed into adulthood (“I felt like an inexperienced thirteen-year-old”) in the quarterfinals against the handsome Dimitrov, adept at sinking his elegant tennis into the insufficient depth of an Ercolino ball, and ended up inside (another) black hole Of clarity. Yannick doesn't allow himself any breaks, instead pressing the accelerator. He wants it all, now. The Mist of Tennis with Grixpor, O'Connell and MachakThree consecutive matches in which he broke his serve. Steamed under the Florida sun. With Medvedev, the battle plan was not to leave the initiative to the Russian, who had to perform miracles to regain the point (60 to 37 at the end), frustrated and complaining, unable to make any reaction.

If the pinnacle of tennis until January was a tournament of four people (Djokovic, Alcaraz, Medvedev and Sinner, mentioned in the rankings at that time: it seems as if it were centuries ago), after 61 days, As the king of the Australian Open, the Red Baron is amplified: It is clear that the clash with Alcaraz in Indian Wells was functional for all this beauty, to work to dismantle the Russian number 4, to consolidate Leadership Towards the ATP Finals in Turin, to other good tales of Cinerian hagiography. The second group is not much different from the first: Medvedev is too upset to regroup and try to make a comeback. With nothing to lose, the man from Moscow lets go of his arm and tries to get back under him, but Siner won't let him. We take the partial (6-2), Closes in record time (1h09') It included a fifth consecutive success (now 5-6) over a rival who first struggled, then was hounded, and finally was taken apart piece by piece, like a puzzle in which the last piece was lost.

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Djokovic missed, Alcaraz collapsed, and it's hard to know who can stop this sinner on a mission on behalf of the tennis gods: Neither Zverev (with whom the Italian trails in direct comparisons 4-1) nor Dimitrov (2-1), on the field during the night in the other semi-final, seem equipped for such a gigantic task. So the third final in Miami in four years could be a good final to get into the clay court season (the calendar doesn't allow any break: next week we actually play in Monte Carlo) with the new seeding and other confirmations in the bag. “I felt great on the field, very comfortable – he said immediately -. I made a lot of mistakes, I benefited from it. I expected a very tough game, but it ended quickly.” As in Melbourne, there is a lot of Jannik Sinner for everyone. “I'm a different player, a different person. Not remotely ideal. I remember that here, in 2021, I could not sleep because of emotions: now I control my emotions better.” Emotions await him in the final tomorrow, to shake his hand strongly.

Ur 21:26 – Siner-Medvedev 6-1, 6-2: Jannik in the final

Sinner dominated the Masters 1000 semifinal in Miami, eliminating an unrecognizable Medvedev in two sets and giving him just three games in the entire match that lasted just over an hour. Now is the final chapter of the tournament, where victory and second place in the ATP Rankings are up for grabs.

Raw 21:19 – Siner Medvedev 6-1, 5-2

Raw 21:14 – Siner Medvedev 6-1, 5-1

Sinner is one step away from the Masters 1000 final in Miami. Now Medvedev is on duty.

Raw 21:09 – Siner Medvedev 6-1, 4-1

Double break also in this second set: Sinner takes off again.

Raw 21:06 – Siner Medvedev 6-1, 3-1

Sinner ended the fourth game with two consecutive serves and was trying to consolidate his lead again after dominating the first set.

Ur 21:00 – Siner-Medvedev 6-1, 2-1

The Russian breaks the score: After three games, the score is 2-1, and Medvedev holds serve.

Raw 20:57 – Siner-Medvedev 6-1, 2-0

Ten points in a row, one for Medvedev, then he won two more and in the second set, Sinner served and took a 2-0 lead.

Raw 20:54 – Siner-Medvedev 6-1, 1-0

Another break from Sinner right away. The game seems one sided.

Raw 20:49 – Siner Medvedev 6-1

The first group goes to Yannick, who did nothing wrong.

Raw 20:47 – Siner Medvedev 5-1

In the sixth game, the score changes, and Medvedev is able to remove the “zero” next to his name. Now serves as Sinner for the group.

Raw 20:43 – Siner Medvedev 5-0

The fifth match also goes to Sinner. An amazing start for Blue in the semi-finals.

Raw 20:41 – Siner Medvedev 4-0

Another break from Yannick who takes off.

Raw 20:32 – Siner Medvedev 3-0

Sinner starts strong and wins the first three matches, still leaving the Russian scoreless.

Raw 20:26 – Siner Medvedev 2-0

On the third break point, Sinner breaks Medvedev's serve and extends: two games to zero in this first set.

Raw 20:20 – Siner-Medvedev 1-0

Sinner holds serve and starts well against the Russian. His first game.

The semi-finals of the Miami Masters 1000 tournament begin between Sinner and Medvedev. Serving Yannick, the Russian chose to receive.

8.07pm – Tennis players on court

Siner and Medvedev enter the center court. Now the usual coin toss and pictures before the warm-up and the start of the semi-final match.

7.57pm – Sinner and Medvedev will soon be on the field

7.55pm – Miami weather

Shoe The temperature is about 20 degrees: this is the weather forecast for Miami. there rainwhich suspended Siner's matches against Vavasori and Grekspor, are not scheduled for today at all.

Today's match will be in the semi-finals of the Masters 1000 tournament in Miami The eleventh match between Sinner and Medvedev. The tally in previous matches is 6-4 in favor of the Russian, but the last four matches have been won by the Italian, including the Melbourne Slam final.

7.25pm ​​- How Medvedev reached the semi-finals

In 2022, Medvedev briefly knocked Djokovic off the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings. He has now dropped to number 4, just behind Sinner. But it is It is forbidden to underestimate Russians.

7.15pm – Tennis coaches: Divorce, hugs and fights

There have been cases of separation in recent days Djokovic And Ivanisevich And Sonego by Coach Arpino. Same relationship outcome, but different goodbye. Sonny, who has been training alone for a few days, greeted his historic coach with a long Instagram post and two photos, thanking him for being “like a father.” On the other hand, Djokovic would have parted ways with Ivanisevic in a less peaceful way.

6.50pm – Alcaraz falls

While many were anticipating it since the beginning of the tournament a The final is between Sinner and Alcarazas the new confrontation to snatch (or retain) the place behind Djokovic in the ATP rankings, Grigor Dimitrov made sure that what had been talked about for several days would not happen.

6.45pm – one step away from the final

Therefore, Medvedev seeks revenge in the Australian Open final, and Sinner seeks second place in the ATP rankings. Numbers for 2024 Blue is impressive: 21 wins, 1 defeat against Alcaraz in Indian Wells, losing 7 sets out of 54, playing only 4 tiebreakers.

There was a time when Medvedev was an insurmountable opponent for Einer, but that is no longer the case.

6.40pm – Siner-Medvedev, where the semi-final can be watched on TV

It's a day Masters 1000 semi-final in Miami. Siner challenges Medvedev, again after the final of the Australian Open, which was won by the blue that started 2024 and which is still growing with this victory.

The meeting is scheduled to begin on 8pm Italian.

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