Mingozi and Sanfilippo in the semi-finals of Greco-Roman wrestling – OA Sport

Mingozi and Sanfilippo in the semi-finals of Greco-Roman wrestling – OA Sport

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Mediterranean Games 2022 Medal

Sunday 26th June program, schedule and Italian competitions

13:22 BOCCE – Nothing can be done with Saverio Amormino, who is eliminated in the men’s petanque shot. 30 with the blue score, qualifying with Spain’s Jesús Antonio Escacho Alarcón 38.

13:20 Water Polo – In the second group of the men’s tournament, the match takes place between Montenegro and Portugal, and the Balkan countries lead 5-1.

13:16 TENNIS PLAYER – The first matches of the team championship are over. Slovenia and Egypt in the men’s match 3-0 respectively Cyprus and Libya. In Egypt’s apparent success over Algeria.

13:14 Karate – The balanced match was won 2-1 by Veronica Brunori.

13:09 Karate – Veronica Brunori (55 kg kumite) is back on tatami. The return match begins against the Croatian Alessandra Hosni.

13:06 BOCCE – Monica Scales eliminated. Blue does not carry over into the final stages of the women’s petanque accurate shooting.

13:02 Greco-Roman fight – Mirko Mengozi reached the semi-finals in the 87 kg category, defeating Serbian Zarko Dikov 6-3. After the morning sessions, it resumes from 18:00. There are two blues in the semi-finals. Ignazio Sanfilippo (67 kg) will face Turkey’s Murad Firat, while Egypt’s Mengozi will face Noureddin Hassan.

12:57 BOCCE – The women’s team also performed well in the Raffa Qualifiers. Italy recently beat France 12-7.

12:51 Greco-Romans – The second defeat in many matches for Samuel Varicelli. Zarqa, in 130 kg, lost 9-0 to Tunisian Amine Al-Ghanishi.

12:36 BOCCE – In the trip, Stefano Pegoraro found qualification with the third score (43) behind French Chirat (44) and Slovenian Zdaud (45).

12:32 Roman-Greek Battle – Nothing can be done for Robin Marvitch, who was defeated 5-3 by Todezka through the Alps.

12:30 Roman-Greek Battle – Quarter-finals of the 60kg category will be played between Robin Marvis and France’s Leo Todezka.

12:20 WATER POLO – In Group B for the men’s championship, Serbia flies to its debut, beating France 18-7.

12:19 BOCCE – At Riffa, Italy got off to a good start in the qualifying round with a 12-0 victory over Morocco.

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12:14 Greco-Roman fight – Ciro Rosso knocked out in the 77kg quarter-finals. Azraq was defeated 8-0 by Algerian Abdelkrim Wakli.

12:13 Karate – Nothing to do for Veronica Brunori, bent on 9-2 by Algerian Abourich.

12:10 Karate – A very difficult match for Zarqa, where the audience is pushing and not just the Algerian. 8-2 Aburich a minute from the end.

12:05 Karate – It’s Veronica Brunori’s turn once again, as she competes in the women’s 55kg weight class quarter against host Louisa Aborish.

12:04 Battle of the Greco-Romans – Nice win for Robin Marvis in the round of 16 in the 60kg category. Lost 6-2 by Iberian Vigil Ruben Pobelo.

12:00 GREGO ROMANA FIGHT – A bitter debut in the 130kg group B of Samuel Varicelli, defeated Algeria’s Hershem Kocht 9-0.

11:57 GREGO ROMANA FIGHT – A clear win for Ignacio Sanfilippo in the 67kg class quarter. Blue defeated Egyptian Mohamed Fawaz 8-0.

11:54 Greco-Roman battle – Robin Marvis leads 2-0 over Spain’s Ruben Pobelo Vigil in the round of 16 of the 60 kg category.

11:49 Free FIGHT – The program is becoming more and more lively. The start of the elimination rounds and the round of 16 of Greco-Roman wrestling featuring Ruben Marvich, Ignacio Sanfilippo, Samuel Varicelli and Mirco Mengozi.

11:40 Karate – Veronica Brunori won the Yukos 2-0 with a 2-0 win for Iberi Carlotta Fernandez Osorio.

11:36 Karate – Veronica is very good at the start, the blue is leading 2-0.

11:34 Karate – The challenge between Veronica Brunori and the Spaniard Carlotta Fernandez Osorio began. We are in the second round of the women’s 55kg kumite.

11.30 Water Polo – Serbia takes off: 5-2 over France. We remember that at 17.00 it will be Italy’s turn against Spain.

11.27 Badminton – In today’s opening, Serbia beat Greece 2-0, while Portugal led 1-0 over Cyprus.

11.23 Water Polo – Meanwhile, France and Serbia also started in the men’s second group: Serbia led 2-1.

11.20 Foley – Game Over!! Italy defeats Egypt 3-0! Great start for Francesco Andreoni.

11.19 Foley – Jerseys! Four match points for Italy.

11.17 Foley – Relax! A malicious attack is valid on 21-18.

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11.15 Foley – Service error for Egypt: 19-17 Italy.

11.14 VOLLEY – Essential immersion for groups! 18-16 Italy.

11.12 Foley – Returns to Egypt: 14-16. Calling the time limit Italy.

11.09 Folli – Italy’s five-point streak is halted in a row: 15-11 for the Azzurri.

11.06 VOLLEY – Italy leads 12-10 in Group C.

11.02 Folli – Italy’s complete domination: Every time Egypt tries to attack, it finds the hands of the Blue Wall.

10.51 Folli – Italy won Group B 25-17 Egypt and took two sets from zero in the first match of Group A of the Mediterranean Games.

10.47 VOLLEY – Expand Italy! 24-17, there are seven points set for the blue team!

10.43 Foli – Italy also led 21-16 in Group B: the Blues see 2-0 as an advantage!

10.36 VOLLEY – FLY ITALY! The first group won 25-14 against Egypt.

10.24 Karate – Unfortunately for Armenia Perfetto on points: Tunisia’s Islam Benhassem qualified for the quarter-finals, winning 1-0.

10.12 Karate – Then it will be up to Veronica Brunori in the round of 16 in the 55kg category: the Italian opposes the Spaniard Carlotta Fernandez Osorio.

10.07 Karate – The program will be opened by Armenia Perfetto in the 50 kg category: Blue will challenge Tunisia’s Eslam Benhassan.

9.55 This is the blue volleyball team that will challenge Egypt: Damiano Catania, Federico Crosato, Gabriel Di Martino, Marco Valache, Leonardo Ferrato, David Gardini, Fabrizio Gironi, Giulio Magalini, Albersco Bolin, Frico.

9.45 Soon the men’s volleyball team will make their debut against Egypt on the first day of Group A.

9.39 In flying bowls, aim-out, Stefano Pegoraro will be in action.

9.35 per minute shot, Saverio Amormino will be present in the first stage.

9.32 In the double for shooting bowlers, Italy faces Morocco in the first stage.

9.27 Italy aims for a prestigious medal in the women’s artistic gymnastics team competition: all the best. Georgia Villa, Asia D’Amato, Alice D’Amato, Martina Maggio, Angela Andreoli want to crown the Persians.

9.24 Italy presents itself today with an Olympic champion like Luigi Busà trying to prove himself in the 75kg class of Karate.

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9.21 starts at 9.30 with the bowls, while at 10:00 the karate tournaments will start and the men’s volleyball team will make its debut in the group against Egypt.

9.18 The multi-sport review covering all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea officially begins. Italy won the medal table four years ago and aims to repeat itself in this edition.

9.15 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day of the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games taking place in Oran, Algeria.

Today’s program and schedules

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games. In Oran (Algeria) the curtain rises on the first day of this multi-sport competition, as Italy aims to be the ultimate champion. Bel Paese aims to assert itself as the owner of the Mare Nostrum and on the event’s opening Sunday, it can present a collection of medals, gold in the rain, and many more sentiments.

Italy aims to win the women’s artistic gymnastics team competition: Fairies appear in full force and are clearly a favorite. Villa Giorgia, Asia d’Amato, Alice d’Amato, Martina Maggio, Angela Andreoli They want to dominate everywhere. We will also have an Olympic champion in the competition: Luigi Bossa wants to be a giant in karate75 kg class. Still in karate, five more titles will be awarded: Erminia Perfetto (50 kg), Angelo Crescenzo (60 kg), Veronica Brunori (55 kg), Luca Maresca (67 kg) and Alessandra Mangiacapra (61 kg) chase the joys.

Also space for Italian and Portuguese football, Italy and Spain for women’s volleyball and water polo, and Italy and Egypt for men’s volleyball.in the matches of the various tournaments, OA Sport brings you live broadcast of the first day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games: Real-time news, minute by minute, race after race, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 09.30 and continues until about 23.00. I listen.

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