Italian Cup: Fiorentina in the quarter-finals and Parma wins on penalties – Football

Italian Cup: Fiorentina in the quarter-finals and Parma wins on penalties – Football

Fiorentina beats Parma 6-3 on penalties and qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, where it will meet the winner of Inter Bologna, scheduled for next December 20. Regular and extra time ended in a 2-2 draw.


In the 83rd minute, Fiorentina – Parma 2-2 – The home team equalized from a penalty kick scored by Sutil

In the 83rd minute, Fiorentina – Parma 1-2 – For Viola, Down shortens the match and reopens it

Minute 23, Fiorentina – Parma 0-2 – The guests double their lead with Bernabei

Minute 21: Fiorentina – Parma 0-1 -Guests are in the lead with Bonnie

Fiorentina vs Parma

Fiorentina struggled and came from behind to beat Parma 6-3, thanks to the decisive penalty kick scored by Beltran, and qualify for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, where it will face the winner between Inter and Bologna. Fiorentina immediately tries to play the game by rotating the ball in Parma’s half and trying to undermine the Ducal’s back defense, especially in the outer lanes. But above all, it is the guests, with the central incursions of Benediczak and Bony, who are most dangerous. In a counterattack, with Mihaela in the 17th minute, Parma came close to scoring, but the yellow-blue player reached the ball and facilitated the intervention of goalkeeper Christensen, who succeeded in clearing the ball. But the goal was only a matter of minutes: in the 21st minute, Parma continued a rapid attack that initially led Bendiczak to shoot, but Christensen blocked it, and then the ball fell at the feet of Boni, who was two steps away from the goal. Viola’s goal, he hit the post, and Bernabei’s wonderful goal came from a ball that came out of the penalty area. The ball is in the middle and we wait for Fiorentina’s reaction, instead one minute later Parma doubles its lead: the ball is recovered in the midfield, moving again quickly and the ball inside the small area reaches Boni, who beats Christensen with a soft touch at the far post. Fiorentina is trying to fight back: if they meet Parma’s defense easily enough, they will lose ideas and decisiveness.

Italian League – ACF Fiorentina vs Parma Calcio

In the 39th minute, Parma came very close to scoring the third goal: a corner kick from the right side. The ball crossed the entire small area and Cercate reached and shot without fail, but Christensen immediately blocked it. Viola’s fans start booing. At the beginning of the second half, Vincenzo Italiano played with the cards of Biraghi, Ranieri, Infatino and Arthur instead of Parisi, Mandragora, Mina and Brecalo. The Viola team threw themselves into Parma’s half and in the second minute Barak had possession of the ball to make it 1-2 but his shot from inside the area was weak and inaccurate. Also for Pequia (8 minutes) it is time to make the first changes and call up Bony and Hino to return to the bench instead of Estevez and Del Prato. The theme of the match, compared to the first part of the match, does not change: Fiorentina who tries to play the game but loses as soon as they arrive in front of the far area and Parma who becomes dangerous every time they start the counterattack.

Fiorentina – Parma

In the last 25 minutes of the match, Italiano also brought on Beltran for Barak thus spreading the two central strikers together. In the 37th minute, the match flared up again thanks to Nzoula’s goal, from his beautiful role inside the area, who benefited from Sutil’s cross. Five minutes later, Fiorentina equalized thanks to a penalty kick scored by Sutil after a handball from Osorio. Six minutes into stoppage time we went into extra time. In the 98th minute, Christensen succeeded in blocking Mann’s short-range shot, which was heading towards the Viola goal in a counterattack. Gigliatti’s response came in the 102nd minute with a header inside the area by Beltran, which Corvi blocked without problems. Nothing more, and the penalty shootouts decide the match: Mane’s mistake (post) and Kamara’s (high shot) were fatal for Parma, while the Viola never make mistakes. Fiorentina reaches the quarter-finals.

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