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Double in three minutes for the Argentine, the second consecutive knockout for the Bianconeri that is not enough for McKinney

Verona beat Juventus 2-1 In the 11th round of the Italian Serie A, achieving the second consecutive defeat for the Bianconeri. evening star Giovanni Simeone That between the 11th and 14th minute I slipped a Chesney’s gun, first with a tap with an empty net and then with a torpedo at the intersection. After Hellas’ dominance in the first half, Juventus’ reaction only led to McKinney’s goal With inserts at 79′.

the match

In Massimiliano Allegri’s nightmares, and not only on the upcoming Halloween, Giovanni Simeone will always be present. On the other hand, in the Juventus fans’ spectacle, it is possible that the scene seen in the first half of Bentegodi may reappear where Verona, dominant on all fronts, was making good and bad weather. The 2-1 goal by Cholito Simeone, which was launched in October, testifies to the excellent performance of Verona Tudor and at the same time destroys – perhaps definitively, but given precedents that never say never – the tricolor ambitions of the old lady.

However, nothing new in the challenge in Veneto, in order to get the best of Juventus and reach it at 15 points in the standings (after 11 days), Verona have done nothing but put their abilities they have already seen against Milan. Lazio and on other occasions. Aggression in the extreme from the first minute on the opponent’s ball carrier, the rhythm on the verge of overspeed and grudges in the last metres. All the characteristics that Juventus constantly lacks in the first months of the tournament. So it happens that after Lazovic’s first big opportunity negated by Chesney, the alarm of impending danger is completely ignored and within three minutes, between 11 and 14, Scholeto Simeone sweeps away the Bianconeri’s ambitions: first by backing Chesney’s rebound of Barak’s shot after Arthur’s shot. A trick (or black-and-white treat) with a back pass is hard to visualize, then invent right at the intersection of the posts to remove the cobwebs left there for the occasion.

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Imminent reaction? No. Just a reaction? not at all. Juventus’ first real chance of extending Gialobello came in the first half after Veloso’s mistake, as the Argentine hit the crossbar with his left hand. In the second half, the position of the Bianconeri changed, they took the field more aggressive and resolved to take parts of the field aggressively, as we have seen widely in the recent past, physiologically. But with Morata in the ghost version in front and Bentancur-Arthur’s pair on zombie apocalypse in the middle of the field, the only lights always came from Dybala and McKennie after he entered the field. Ten minutes after the end, the American broke down Montepo’s door and reopened the jig, but soon after it was the Verona guard who flew under the intersection of the poles to deny Goya a equaliser.

report cards

Simeone 8 – The Argentine is in a moment of fitness to envy King Midas, everything he kicks – especially at Bentegodi – turns into goals. With the goal unguarded for an advantage in his response by Szczesny, he then invented a torpedo at the intersection of the two goalposts from outside the area. Simply impregnable even for the central European champion couple. His rating is eight, like goals in the league.

Dybala 6.5 He is the technical and moral driver of Juventus. Even at first in perfect harmony with Halloween in the Bianconeri, Goya tried in every way and from all places. The crossbar in the first half and Montebo in the final deprived him of the joy of the goal.

Arthur 4,5 His lightness gives Verona an edge in action. The impression is that the Verona midfielders overshadowed him physically from the first minute.

Murata 4.5 – He’s going through a competitive moment completely opposite to that of Simeone. It may not be at its best, but despite the duration of the match, the ghostly experience is inexcusable.

Makini 6,5 He is the most inspiring to Juventus and the fittest. Against Sassuolo, the card is stamped with a torpedo under the bar thanks to the usual precise entry in terms of times and methods.

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Casal 7 – She’s sealed in Dybala and she does it even though she’s not at her best physically, quite the opposite. As long as the sports uniform holds a match over the top, he risks being fired and “inviting” a change to Tudor.


Verona 2-1 Juventus
Verona (3-4-2-1):
Montebe 7; Casale 7 (22′ st Sutalo 6), Gunter 6.5, Dawidowicz 6.5; Varoni 6.5, Tamesi 6.5 (30 Besa Street 6), Veloso 6, Lazovic 6.5 (22 ekrini 6); Barak 6, Capri 6.5; Simeone 8 (37 ‘st Kalinic sv). Available: Pandor, Berardi, Citin, Magnani, Roig, Pesa, Hongla, Advisors, Lasagna. All.: Tudor 7.5.
Juventus (4-4-2): Chischennye 6; Danilo 6, Bonucci 5, Chiellini 5.5, Alex Sandro 5 (37′ Pellegrini St. sv.); Cuadrado 5 (24′ st Kulusevski 5.5), Bentancur 4.5 (12′ st Locatelli 6), Arthur 4.5 (24′ st Bernardeschi 5.5), Rabiot 5 (12′ st McKennie 6.5); Dybala 6.5, Morata 4.5. Available: Perrin, Pinsolio, De Ligt, Pellegrini, Cayo George. Coach: Allegri 5.
Rule: Marinelli
Signs: 11′ Simeone (A), 14′ Simeone (A), 34′ st McKennie (J)
ammonites: Lazovic, Casal; Varoni, Günther (V); Danilo, Arthur, Morata (j)
Disqualified: Nobody

Opta Statistics

• Juventus conceded at least 15 goals in their first 11 Serie A matches for the first time since 1961/62, when they finished 12th.
• For the first time in its history, Verona scored at least 24 goals in its first 11 Serie A matches.
• Hellas has lost only one of its eight Serie A matches since joining Igor Theodor on the bench in Verona and boasts the best attack in the league: he scored 21 goals.
• Since Igor Theodor’s arrival on the bench in Verona, only Milan and Napoli (19 each) have collected more points than Hellas (15) – among those playing tomorrow, the only one who can beat Venice in this group is Inter (14 points for that) far).
• Since 1998/1999 (when they finished seventh) Juventus have not been able to achieve a positive difference between goals scored and positive goals after the first 11 matches (also zero in this case).
• Giovanni Simeone scored 6 goals against Juventus in Serie A: since his debut in Serie A (2016/17) he is the player who has scored the most goals against the Bianconeri in the competition.
• Giovanni Simeone became the seventh player in the history of the Italian League to score more than two goals against Juventus in three different shirts (Genoa, Cagliari and Verona) – the last of them was Enrico Chiesa.
• Before Giovanni Simeone, Fabrizio Camarata was the last player from Verona to score a double against Juventus in the Italian league in April 2000.
• In two of the last three times, Juventus scored two goals in the first 15 minutes of the Serie A match, and that was due to Giovanni Simeone’s double (the previous goal in November 2016).
• Giovanni Simeone is the first player from Verona to score more than one goal in two consecutive Serie A matches at home by Luca Toni in 2015.
• Giovanni Simeone is the first player to score a double from a distance of 3 minutes (11 and 14 minutes) in Serie A against Juventus by David Pellegrini, with Verona in May 1992 (4′ and 6′).
• Verona is the team that scored the most goals in the first 15 minutes of playing in this league (8 goals)
• Hellas Verona scored 13 goals in the first half in 11 matches, more than any other team in the First Division this season.
• Since August 26, 2017, against Genoa, Juventus has not conceded two goals in the first quarter of the match in the Italian Serie A.
• Weston McKinney became the first American in history to score at least two goals in two different Serie A tournaments.
• With 30 years and 28 days, today’s player is the 11th player in age to be fielded by Juventus in this league.

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