F1 – Miami GP, Ferrari has the speed of Red Bull without updates

F1 – Miami GP, Ferrari has the speed of Red Bull without updates

Miami GB Which little is known about A mockery of FerrariOn the platform, yes, with Charles Leclerc But with the feeling of missing the opportunity to get a better result. And, God willing, victory Norris It’s also worth it McLaren The English driver was clearly the fastest car on the track FloridaThis is an established fact, as is the potential and understandable disappointment of the Monaco native, who once again failed to capitalize on an opportunity Verstappen that it red bull During the day, let’s say, no.

All of this, as happened in the minutes after the checkered flag, is due to updates Scuderia to Maranello He has not yet come and he will ride on both SF-24 a Imola Within two weeks. We’re talking about a major updatebut was slightly overshadowed by the team manager Frederick Fasor After last night’s game. The drivers seem to be waiting for this with more focus: there is talk of two or three tenths that Ferrari should get on each lap, but in short, these discussions are still a long way off.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) celebrates his third podium finish this season

But the positive thing is definitely the pace he showed Leclerc H Sainz During the race: Monaco maintained Verstappen’s pace for almost the entire afternoon MiamiDeceive the above Yes, he had that tenth of a lap more than the Ferrari drivers, but we’re not talking about anything transcendent considering the base car driven by two ‘Carletti’s. It was he himself who really made the difference Norriswith McLaren MCL38 It turned slightly as if it were a B version of the car that was so admired until two weeks ago Chinese.

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Ferrari, Leclerc on pace with Verstappen with ‘basic’ SF-24 car.

However, Ferrari She seemed more on the ball again Charles Leclerc. Monaco after he regained his position Sainz After more than a bad start, he managed to keep up Plates Without having the speed necessary to overtake him at the end of the straight line. Carlos It was already close to his shoulders, but there didn’t seem to be much difference between the two to make the switch of positions that the Spaniard had loudly requested, and the wall ignored him.

Salah Al-Race Leclerc Except it was clear in the second job assignmentDhu al-Ashqiya: after the safety carCharles had the most worn tires of all, but he kept the pace very well Verstappenfinishing behind him only a few seconds, a sign of how SF-24 Really on track this year, now the main thing will be not to spoil the planned updates in any way ImolaOtherwise, it will be a real tragedy for the rest of the tournament Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc in the cockpit of his Ferrari in Miami

Charles He also takes it out Perez Because of the evil maneuver in the beginning, when he risked the destruction of his race, the race of the two “Carletti” and the above VerstappenWho watched the replay at the back of the podium in absolute horror at his teammate’s maneuver. Monaco admits this Begins Far from excellent, but try to explain why.

“We program the machine one way – CI Charles says -. In terms of getting ahead of others to get some control and we were a little aggressive trying to pass the above Turn 1. We went further, I skated and then tried to recover, but then Czech “He risked a lot and fortunately he didn’t risk me.”

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“I was able to hold on to second place and maintain a pace that wasn’t too aggressive for the tyres. I stopped too early at the pit stop, meaning I wasn’t able to take advantage of this opportunity hypothetical safety car And based on safety car This allowed other drivers to stop at the pit stop, resulting in us losing less time. In the final stages I had some difficulties with used tires and it was not easy to maintain a competitive pace. Soon we will have some technical developments, with which I hope we will return to fight to win“.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) during the weekend in Miami

Ferrari: The damage and final insult to Carlos Sainz

It smacks of a lot of Sunday sarcasm Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard also finished fourth at the finish line Penalized by five seconds To be deducted in the final result for that slight contact with Plates Which actually ruined a driver’s race McLarenThe incidental reasons that led to the contact only resulted in a reduced sentence for the Ferrari driver, which should have happened, according to police commissioners. International Automobile Federation From ten seconds plus two points on the licence, instead everything was reduced by half.

Taking into account the maneuver Perez Starting then, since in theory one should not look at the reasons, the Mexican should have been sentenced to life imprisonment, but that’s it. Sainz He is happy with his behavior Ferraricertainly better than the first Fermi garden, but it was a weekend More than yes for the Spanish part of the Scuderia del Prancing Horse Garage.

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Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) is busy in Miami

I had a very good start – Saenz admits – But at the first turn I had to avoid Perez, who arrived a long time ago, and I fell from second to fourth. From that moment I found myself on a single-seater train with DRS: I tried to increase the gap by carefully manipulating the tires to try to delay the stop and thus try a different strategy.”

The worst bad luck comes when Carlos enters the pits and gets there after only one lap safety car For the accident between Magnussen H Sargent. If he had entered early, he would have had great chances of climbing to the podium, and perhaps even winning, as he himself admitted: “Unfortunately, no safety car I interfered on the lap after I stopped and so we lost the chance to fight for the win. However, it was a good race, with a consistently competitive pace that allowed us to take back important points“.

author: Andrea Buffon

the pictures: Scuderia Ferrari

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