Sampdoria Cagliari, Camploni’s work leaves some doubts. Sports newspaper reviews

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Limited adequacy of the work of Camploni, Sampdoria Cagliari match director. Sports newspapers are divided

Small enough to work Camploni Race Director Sampdoria Cagliari. Sports newspapers’ opinions are divided.

La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Good management, only the cards given, the blessing of Ferrari who kept Joao on the shirt. Give a good assessment of the position of Pavoletti, who scored the winning goal for Cagliari. The Rosoblu striker is not an offside. Vote 6 ».

IL Corriere dello Sport: «The third in Camploni’s career. The application of extenuating circumstances is present but a potential penalty is lost for Cagliari and in the disciplinary administration (1 red card, 4 yellow cards for 29 fouls) leaves doubts (Joao Pedro’s warning almost non-existent, Thorsby’s footsteps, instead, it is very real). However, something good was seen (a good advantage given after Ekdal’s foul on Marin in match 1-1). Vote 6 ».

TUTTOSPORT: Error management is not good. There is also some doubt about Erdal Marin’s connection that gave birth to Diola’s equalizer. Vote 5.

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