Kia K4: A classic sedan, but not an ordinary one

Kia K4: A classic sedan, but not an ordinary one

Family sedan – Sedans are not dead: They have come out damaged compared to SUVs and crossovers, which now monopolize the tastes of consumers around the world, but still have their fans. Especially in Asian markets and the United States, where Kia Introduce the new K4 To replace the Forte, the four-door Ceed. Precisely for this reason, a new entrant may also be important for the European market (here to know more.

One upright position – the Kia K4 And Its length is 470 cm It adopts the “Opposites United” brand language, which is characterized by linear surfaces and geometric shapes with pronounced edges. When viewed from the side, the powerful front and rear fenders stand out, leaving the lower parts in shadow, while from the front we find thin LED lights that extend horizontally and vertically along almost the entire front bumper. But the most special element of the Kia K4 is Pinned to the backwhich does not follow the classic arched shape of the roof, but has Vertical cut Which makes it original. GT-Line models feature 18-inch wheels, gloss black accents, and a multi-link rear suspension.

Two engines – the Kia K4 It is available with two petrol engines, both combined with front-wheel drive. Provides a foundation 2.0 Inhale with 147 hp, coupled to a continuously variable transmission called the Intelligent Variable Transmission. For those who want more enemy, there is 1.6 Turboalways on gasoline, with 190 hp It is linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Driver assistance aids – Passenger cabin Kia K4 We see the presence of a classic gear lever in the central tunnel, and above it we find the physical buttons for controlling the climate control. All text is controlled via the multimedia system screen, located next to the instrument display. Many driving assistance systems are available Kia K4 Which features Intelligent Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit Assist, Lane Keep Assist, and Intelligent Cruise Control with Stop & Go, and at the heart of the K4's assistance technology is the Forward Collision Avoidance system, designed to help detect and prevent collisions in certain conditions, and detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. In front of the car while driving, as well as oncoming vehicles while turning left at the intersection.

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