Monza wins 4-3 in Pisa and is in Serie A for the first time. Berlusconi: “Now the Scudetto. It would be nice to challenge AC Milan”

Monza wins 4-3 in Pisa and is in Serie A for the first time.  Berlusconi: “Now the Scudetto. It would be nice to challenge AC Milan”

Pisa – It seemed like the magical night of Pisa, it became the occasion for the great party of Monza. At the Garibaldi-Romeo Anconitani stadium, everything happens, with the Nerazzurri able to turn the flaws of the first leg quickly only to surrender to the ultra-luxurious side of Monza. A big party for Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani, present in Pisa, who brought the Brianza team to Serie A for the first time in their history. They do this with the help of Giovanni Strupba, who as a footballer wrote important pages in AC Milan, and now, once again, on the orders of Cavalier and his most trusted manager, has achieved the second promotion to Serie A of his career. After one on top of the croton.

From the first to the ninety

Less than a minute later, Pisa put the double-stand score on a par, after 9′ he had already put his head in front. A terrifying start for Monza: first, Torrigrossa finds himself ready behind Perola distracted on a cross from Peruato and nets the advantage, then Hermansson is the one who finds the double header, in place developments that led to only Peruato’s cross. Pisa feels the moment and tries to push, in match economy, a cross shot from Ciurria is crucial, which inflicts Nicholas hard and shocks Brianza’s area. Two minutes later, in fact, a goal arrived by Machin, who with a superb right-footed under the bar put everything on a par with 2-1 from the first leg. In the second half, Pisa has the ball to escape again but Puskas, alone in front of Di Gregorio, does not punish Brianza’s defensive error and hits the crossbar. In the 11th minute of the end, Jetker’s goal seems to drag Monza to point A: Leverbe tampers under construction from below, Mota Carvalho serves the Dane drawing the corner to the left of Nicholas, who was unusual at the end of the first half with a header from Marron. In the 1990s, newcomer Mastino extends the competition into overtime with a left out of the area.

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Silvio Berlusconi arrives at the stadium

Arriving at Silvio Berlusconi Stadium (ANSA)

Crucial Complement

The inertia should theoretically be for Pisa, able to grab the match on his last breath, and the first result of overtime is by Biennale, who was repelled to the ground by Di Gregorio. However, the ex-Crotone becomes a passive champion: he who finds himself paired with Maron on a right-handed position kicked by Molina, the ex-Juventus has another volume and finds a 3-3 header worthy of Series A Pisa collapses, Colbani set fire to Nicola’s gloves from outside the box. 3-4 is a gift from the Pisa defense, as Berndelli poorly passes the ball horizontally and serves Gytkjaer, the killer head-to-head with Nicholas. The second extra period is fragmented, with Monza trying in every way to break Pisa’s pace. The potential turning point on a hand is in the Calderola area, which allows Mariani to pass amid the Nerazzurri protests: it would have been a 4-4 ball, but there was no interference by Farr and Monza fans are in celebration. Berlusconi and Galliani laugh, for the first time in its history Monza will play in the Italian Serie A.

Berlusconi: “Now the Scudetto and the Champions”

“We fought for a long year and reached a historic achievement. Monza was never in the Serie A and today they succeeded. It’s great for us and for all the citizens of Brianza. Now it would be nice to meet Milan. The next day the projects “win the championship and participate in the Champions League” President Berlusconi commented.


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