Venice, the golden lion for “All Beauty and Bloodshed,” silver for Guadagnino. Panahi Special Jury Prize – Cinema

Venice, the golden lion for “All Beauty and Bloodshed,” silver for Guadagnino.  Panahi Special Jury Prize – Cinema

Entire theaters, young crowds, strong, brave, perilous films, powerful themes and new talents to unleash. Female directors have dominated the scene, winning numerous awards from the Golden Lion to Laura Poitras For the documentary All beauty and bloodnewcomer Alice Diop for Saint Omar The Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize and The Future Lion for Best First Film. And the great absentee who was raised by everyone, the opposition director Jaafar Panahi, who is imprisoned in Iran, who was warmly welcomed.

Venice 79 closes the curtain, a version of “extraordinary normality” as defined by godmother Rocio Munoz Morales, in reference to the methods in which the festival was held after the pandemic (which was left in the hotel tonight anyway, for Coved, Nobel Prize-winning juror Kazuo Ishiguro).

Italy, present in great numbers, brings home an award as important as it was last year for Paolo Sorrentino and E’ was the Hand of God: Silver Lion, Director’s Award Luca Guadjino for all bonesA beautiful film, eagerly awaited by exhibitors at the box office, it is an example of one of the powerful directions that cinema is taking: internationalization, a production mix with several countries. Bones and all was filmed in America, with an all-American cast with Timothèe Chalamet and Taylor Russell (the actress won the Mastroianni Award for New Talent), produced by the same director with Frenesy Film and American company Per Capita Productions. with The Apartment by Lorenzo Mieli and many others and will be in the lounge with Vision from November 23. “Thanks to director Barbera who protects the filmmakers,” Guadagnino said as he went up on stage, he chose me 20 years ago for my first job. Making films has always been my life from first to super 8. Bones and they all celebrate a special marriage between Italy and America and a film degree that knows no geography There are no limits. I dedicate this award to Muhammad Rasoulof and Jaafar Panahi, who are imprisoned in Iran. Long live the sabotage and long live the cinema.” Panahi, who is facing a six-year prison sentence for “propaganda against the regime”, was arrested on July 11 after he went to the Tehran Public Prosecutor’s Office to get an update on the case of two other directors, Mohammad Rasoulof and Mustafa al-Ahmad. , who was held for a few days, was perfectly present, and was quoted several times.

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A woman has won the Gold Master for the third year after Chloe Chow of Nomadland and Audrey Dewan (who gave her today as juror): Laura Poitras, the American documentarian, who won an Academy Award in 2015 for Citizenfour, charmed Julianne Moore’s chair with the jury All beauty and blood. “This film – said Poitras – chronicles the struggle of American photographer Nan Goldin against the Sackler family, the owner of the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, which has been held responsible for the opioid epidemic in the United States. I have not met anyone with their extraordinary courage. The award that inspired me, journalists and filmmakers like Panahi who risk their work. The 2022 film Leon d’Oro will also be released in Italy, distributed by Anna Wonder Pictures.

The most intense moment of the evening was getting on stage to receive the Special Jury Prize A Bears do not exist From Panahi (from October 6 in theaters with Academy Two) two actors rose, excited and moved. “We are honored to accept this award for him and we invite everyone to rise to the power of cinema in honor of Panahi,” said Mina Cavani. They were strong themes in many films, and one in particular won Moore’s jury two awards: Saint Omar By Alice Diop, an autobiographical story of a writer who follows the trial of a Senegalese immigrant accused of murdering her daughter, and having her child at sea. In theaters in November with Minerva Film, he brings to the stage an ambiguous image of motherhood but also a different and atypical mural of immigrant women in France. “This film is female,” said Diop, a Frenchman of Senegalese origin as Medea in his film. “Silence about black women does not protect us and this evening has stopped here.”

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The funniest moment was the relationship with Colin Farrell in Los Angeles, where the Irish actor who won the Volpi Cup zoomed in from his publicist kitchen. Another Coppa Volpi was Cate Blanchett, her second (she won in 2007 with Todd Haynes’ I’m Not Here). “I would fill this glass with red wine—to the Todd Field’s Tar Award to co-star Nina Hoss, to the little daughter who accompanied her on her return to the beach and to ‘the music that’s always great,'” he said, dedicating the Todd Field’s Tar Award to co-star Nina Hoss, to the music that’s always great. In Italian Booty there’s also Vera Gemma, Best Actress in Horizons on a film about her, Vera, written by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, the inevitable dedication “to my wonderful father Giuliano Gemma.” The 90-year-old, “even if announced as 79,” joked Biennale President Roberto Secoto, scheduling the 80th session from August 30 2023.

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