March 29, 2023

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“Barù Beware Davide Silvestri” / Screams Outside GF Vip’s House: Reaction…

A few days before the final Big Brother VIP 2021, some Barù fans decided to send a message to their favourite. From the first days of his stay at home, Barrow and Davide Silvestri They immediately bonded and established a very close relationship. Several times, in fact, Costantino della Gherardesca’s nephew has made it clear that he wants to reach the final with David, Giocas Casella and Sully Sorge. However, not everyone believed in David’s sincerity towards Barrow, and therefore, in the afternoon, shouts entered the house.

While they were in the garden, David, Barrow, and Lulu heard someone screaming outside the house. The message that fans of the reality show wanted to convey was instantly understood by the three Vippos. “Barrow, watch David.they shouted outside the house, but what was the reaction of the two cars?

Barrow and Davide Silvestri’s reaction to yelling outside the house

After hearing the screaming outside the house, he reacted Barrow and Davide Silvestri Not long. While Costantino della Gherardesca’s grandson burst out laughing, David commented: “But go to bed, go to sleep”. Therefore, they both decided not to give weight to the screaming out of the house that holds their alliance to reach the final together.

If Davide takes the final place by defeating Soleil Sorge on TV, Barrow, before he can compete for the last available places for the final, will first have to defeat Manila Nazara with whom he is touring on TV for disqualification. For his part, David hopes to live the last days in Cinecitta’s house with Barrow: will he succeed?

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