Littizzetto humiliates Micol Encorvia? The answer is: “It’s not funny.”

Littizzetto humiliates Micol Encorvia?  The answer is: “It’s not funny.”

If he knew that his sarcastic banter on courier to Amazon It is likely to become a national issue Mikul Encorvia will avoid it. Gevina’s ex cynically complained that a courier knocked on her door at 9:30 a.m. to deliver a package, interrupting her sleep.

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Nothing against the courier, Incorvaia simply complained that she had not yet recovered to normal rhythms, given that Big Brother Vip went to bed very late and got up at least 12 years early. , also reached very popular programs such as VivaRai2 and Che tempo che fa. He was the first to mock Encorvia Fiorellofollowed closely Luciana Littizzetto.

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The former Jefina decided to express herself in the story that interests her closely: “Frankly, I also laughed about the ridicule that was made. What made me laugh the least was the misinformation and the way the latter can generate malice from people who do not know you and do not document themselves before they come To insult you. Those who follow me know, I simply replied in a sarcastic tone.”

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