Juventus mania: Pacino’s show of theft, science, Finocchiarro and Pelebuque, would have been Guleda

Juventus mania: Pacino’s show of theft, science, Finocchiarro and Pelebuque, would have been Guleda

Juventus’ Piero Panzaro wins on a scale in a home match against Modena. The decision was a goal scored by Alessandro Pacino in the twenty-second of the first half. The gap could have been much wider, but Modnesi’s goalkeeper Forgieri was outstanding despite there were errors in the only defenses of the day. The one who gives the first three-point smile and first league win to the Bianconeri after the away draw against Parma (2-2) on their debut.

Pacino benefits from it It seems that the match, from the start, shows the Bianconeri’s desire to compensate for the 2-2 result of the opening match against Parma and inflict another defeat on Modena, after recovering from a heavy 1-6 match with Genoa. The first opportunity occurs at the feet of Biliboc, but the central shot and without the guests goalkeeper’s concern. In the 22nd minute, the goal reached 1-0: Forghieri did not reject a free kick from Venuciaro and Pacino took advantage of it by signing the first goal in the afternoon. A goal effectively extinguishes the first half, actions are rare due to Juventus’ mistress of possession but without being forced to play. Modena responds by closing him in the back, but not dismissing the idea of ​​leaving. At 46′ chance for Biliboc with dive response from Furghieri.

Fergie raises the wall As in the first half, Juventus started the strongest in the second half and after only 60 seconds Biksinen tried the shot without scoring. In the ninth minute Biliboc had a great idea throwing Pugno in the goal, not very accurate. Biliboc the protagonist again, this time with the epilogue, but Furghieri refused. Once again, the guest porter goes out well and blocks the way to Scarpetta. Juve insists, Balzano sees Pugno, and once again Forgieri is decisive by touching him enough. Modena’s only chance occurs in the 37th minute: Grygel finds a way to serve Pelloni who blasts off his plate, effectively nullifying the last chance for an equaliser. Forgiri replies that there is still room for the bomb outside of Nagana Valdis.

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Juventus vs Modena 1-0

Networks: 21′ Pacino (j).

Juventus (4-3-3): Piras 6.5, Ventre 7 (1′ st Balzano 6.5), Nisci 7, Scarpetta 7, Boufandar 7.5, Bassino 7.5, Biliboc 7 (25′ st Nuti sv), Ngana 6.5, Pugno 6.5 (25′ st Grosso sv), Finocchiaro 7.5 (1′ st Piccinin 6.5), Science 7.5 (15′ st Meringolo 6.5). Available Menino, Giorgi L., Crabisto, Di Salvo. Appendix Panzanaro 6.5.

Modena (4-3-3): Furghieri 6.5, Cavicchi 7, Marverti 6.5, Acatullo 6.5, Stopelli 7, Fiore 6.5 (33′ st Ongarini sv), Ceola 6.5 (35′ st Temzen sv), Pelloni 7, Berni 6.5 (33′ st Barozzini sv), Montuorio 6.5 (28’st Saetti 6.5), Grygiel 6.5. Available Salati, Vessio, Corradi, Labriola, Gorzanelli. Maestrona flocks 6.5.

Rule: Moncalvo di Collegno 6.5.

Auxiliaries: Ameglio of Turin and Pellegrino of Turin.

Warnings: Buffender (J), Akatolo (centre), Cavic (centre), Montorio (midfield).

report cards


Piras 6.5 Not too busy, he answers present those few times he has been called to question.
belly 7 Excellent on both counts, plays an excellent match within his range of competencies.
1′ St Balzano 6.5 Get in the right position by offering tempting opportunities to your teammates.
Niske 7 Different and interesting cross passes to give the right enemy for Juventus attack.
7 . foot pocket Attentive and focused, department runs well.
Buffender 7.5 The game is well organized from the top, among the best in the field.
Pacino 7.5.0 Quick to repeat on target for the goal that is worth the three points.
Bellebok 7 Many chances start from his feet, he often ends up in the net but without luck.
Ngana 6.5 Sometimes some errors are very serious in the middle of the field.
punch 6.5 He works well with the team even if you see little or nothing in a dangerous way in the realization stage.
Finocchiaro 7.5.1 Update Football and football is another sport today, his technique is really cool.
1′ st Piccinin 6.5 Increases engine speed for black and white attack.
Science 7.5 A thorn in the side throughout his stay on the field in defense of Modena.
15′ st Meringolo 6.5 Helps in the defensive phase to maintain the score.
Supplement Panzanaro 6.5 You may be too quick to remove Finocchiaro and Scienza by demoting the team, but in the end victory will arrive.

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Forger 6.5 He pays for the goal scored, which is a shame because his saves in the second half are applause
nails 7 Attentive to the opponent’s offensive sorties, he keeps the direct opponent well.
MARVERTI 6.5 He is able to play with balance, suffers at first but then takes action.
Akatolo 6.5 He plays a lot and well with the progress, canceling the Juventus attack and sometimes showing himself in front.
Stubli 7 A sumptuous match, it dominates the department with authority and quality.
flower 6.5 Quality and quantity in the nerve center of the field.
Syola 6.5 It shows and offers many interesting exchanges for rebooting.
Belloni 7 Forward is one of the most energetic players, and fits too easily to risk hurting Juve.
Bernie 6.5 He exchanges well and is perfectly happy with his amber mate.
33′ Barozzini Street sv
Montoro 6.5 In the trocar, the attacker links the midfield and attack well.
28′ City Saint 6.5 Very good at giving everything in the last twenty minutes.
Grygiel 6.5 Sometimes he’s unpleasant, but it’s part of his style of play and the team benefits from it.
Maestroni flocks 6.5 His followers come to play Vinovo but they shut up without thinking that they won’t be able to do it. They try to get out with their heads held high.

Moncalvo di Collegno 6.5 Personal judgment, coherence and strife: from the first minutes make you understand who is responsible and in the right way.

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