X Factor 2021 Live semi-finals, the excluded spark protests: the finalists

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What happened in the live broadcast on Thursday, December 2 that was one step out of the final at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago.

Manuel Aneli open the X Factor 2021 semi-finals: Live on December 2nd She began to perform by the judge. With him was also a much loved band from the previous version, Little Pieces of Marmelade. At the end of Agnelli’s introduction, Ludovico Tersini Evening explanation: two some, the first with a duet with a guest and the second with the covers of the competitors. The contestants with the least votes each some It ended in the final ballot. So the competition started, and he was the first to take to the stage are you Which conducted with the representative of the list. to me judges Also love it tonight, but for Mica Explosion and freedom are missing, the only thing missing. Moreover Hell Raton Advise him to enjoy the moment more because he is making a good trip.

Colleague They were finally able to sing with Benjamin Clementine, after all the compliments they exchanged during them The X Factor 2021. A dream come true for the competitor and the judges were really impressed with the result. “You gave us a magical moment”Manuelito told him. Great duet too Jianmaria who shared the podium with Samuel Bersani, who also filled him with praise at the first meeting. competitor whatever The judges liked it very much tonight, too: a flawless course for him. Congratulations also to Baltimore Whoever has a duet with Fulminacci, even if it’s for Mika has to keep his intensity. To close the first heat i bangla fireHe went up to the stage with Motta. Manuel’s squad also received a lot of praise.

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after announcing Manskin’s guests in the final on Thursday, December 9Ludovico immediately gave the second heat numbers. It was clear in this too some that arrived at X Factor 2021 semi-finals The judges had little to say about the contestants. Some shows persuaded more than others, but there was certainly non-destructive criticism. The five who played for places in the final also convinced the table with covers tonight. Word was only publicly available, and the television broadcast sent two surprising names to the final fight: Erio and Baltimora. Both of them have always been very popular with the judges, so making the decision was not easy.

with equal amazement, The semi-finalist was eliminated is Erio. The judges eliminated the Agnelli singer even though he has not been criticized throughout his career. After much praise and after much support, the rulers made Erio lack support at the crucial stage. Maybe there will be a competitor for every judge in the final? On social media, many favored the tendency to let the public speak. The Four finalists for the X Factor 2021, who will play for the win next Thursday are Gianmaria, Philo, Bengala Fire and Baltimore.

The duo and covers of the semi-finals of X Factor 2021, all tracks

  • Erio and Actor List – love me;
  • FELLOW e Benjamin Clementine – I will not complain;
  • GIANMARIA and Samuele Bersani – heart broken;
  • Baltimore and Fulminacci – Resistance;
  • Pangala Fire and Mota – The happiness of the time that passes;
  • Gianmaria – Alexander Square in Milva
  • Colleague – Dog days are over de Florence e machine;
  • bangla fire – sunny afternoon kinks e Chelsea dagger by The Fratellis;
  • are you – Street spirit (fade) by Radiohead
  • Baltimore – Elsewhere Morgan.
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