“Fedes, you make us fail!”: Tavo’s joke in solidarity with the new rapper

“Fedes, you make us fail!”: Tavo’s joke in solidarity with the new rapper

Funeral home Taffo, now known as fit On social networks, she came back to talk: this time, the subject of black humor that characterizes her releases, is the rapper. videos. The thirty-year-old had actually explained to his 13.6 million followers in recent days Instagram His comment on the rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas that he found out he had was: “One of those who if you don’t catch them in time is not a nice commensal to be in your body.” The immediate reaction of solidarity sparked by the news: From his wife Chiara Ferragni to record producer Mara Mayonchi, from presenter Alicia Marcusi to singer Francesca Michelin, they all rushed under the post that depicted the rappers near a hospital bed to demonstrate with hearts and words of encouragement in their support. Besides the many messages of solidarity, some sarcastic and offensive comments also surfaced. And the funeral company, namely the office of Ancona, turns to the haters who did not even spare the young musician. The company actually posted a blog post that reads, “Fedis Makes Us Fail.” But the photo is accompanied by a caption that reads:

We are all equal in the face of disease and death.
But someone is definitely inhumane towards those who are struggling. Energy # vids

The reference is also to a song by Videz, Inhuman, Indeed.

Taffo identifies on his profile as “Italy’s most famous funeral home”, and in fact there have been many in the past. me me And the provocations that made her stand out on the web: Give her a our end irreverent al easter comment To the San Remo 2020 controversy, the agency also sided with a politician, mocking Carroccio’s leader. Matteo Salvini. After the famous intercom made by the Northern League player in Bologna, asking the tenant in the building if it was true that he was selling drugs, Taveau posted a video in which one of his reporters called the intercom of several citizens asking: “Excuse me, I’m done for!” ? ”

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After the illness was announced, Francesco Federico Lucia (also known as Fedez) underwent surgery at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, on the sidelines of his wife. Chiara Ferragni And he posted on Instagram a picture of him raising his thumb up as if to say: “Everything is fine.” was influential hung Her husband’s operation confirms, “Things are going well, he’s recovering and we hope this becomes just a bad memory that teaches us once again the importance of appreciating life to the fullest every day. Thank you to everyone who made us feel their love and said a prayer for us, it gave us a lot of strength.”

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