The farce of Mirko and Perla

The farce of Mirko and Perla

the Report cards for the penultimate episode of Temptation Island They put Mirko and Perla first. The others are behind us. We’ve come to the fifth and penultimate episode of the reality show hosted by Fasino, then Maria De Filippi, hosted by Filippo Pesquilia, and let’s face it, only the most boring couples are left.

Gabriela and Giuseppe: Vote We Miss You. Without improbable sentences exuding stupidity and macomba, without medieval reasoning—no, wait until your medievalists are offended—I correct myself, without thinking about the dark moments of Italian popular culture, without betrayal and spite, in short, without American Boy and Mrs. Temptation Island.

Vittoria and Danielle: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote. Valerian dispel evades. I appeal to Mr. Bonomeli: take them instead of chamomile with melatonin and magnesium. They are really dope. Perhaps, perhaps, in about thirty episodes we might be surprised by one of their statements. But Temptation Island ends next week. It’s expected, discounted more than sales in early July. A journey of feelings? Vacation in a luxury resort more than others. Come on, come on, leave some space.

Mirko and Perla: The Voice of the Clown. They start the reality show with Handbrake, also because they are objectively overshadowed first by Manu and Isabella and then always by Gabriela and Giuseppe. Now they have the whole scene to themselves and take it in. in the foreground, since they don’t offer rational reasoning even if it is proposed to them with a hunchback – intended as a text, not Quasimodo of Notre Dame – who passes in the foreground. They may have loved each other at a time that varies between never and ever. The truth is, they are now more pissed off than the post office does 45 operations at the counter when it’s our turn right after and pee. If they had the lightsaber and the apron, we could see a full showdown. But the production does not provide it to him. When a confrontation flares up, they go out separately, but with whoever tempts them. New unions will only continue at the time of wire transfer. clowning.

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Ale and Federico: Vote Are you still listening? It’s more annoying than the cock that crows at five at my friend Giada’s house after we got home at three. And while the rooster should stay there anyway and we know that, it’s not clear why Ale didn’t send her boyfriend home like the day after they met him.

Francesca and Manuel: Elephant’s voice. Filippo, understood as Pescaglia, I will tell him that you are not his cousin and that instead of a stranger calling you an ‘elephant’, would you rather have a rash? No, because by endurance one ends up exploding. And Filippo, you’re right to start putting big dots on the ‘i’. Then comes the production, which chooses Mia Martini’s “Little Man” to stage. She is instantly a legend. It teases him that she’s opening up to Alberto’s single, but he’s glad she found out more. In short, a hit on the rim and one for the barrel. She would like to give it to him instead. In fact, he asks to ignite the fire of confrontation and goes out without him. The hope is that he will survive without him even outside the program.

Warning: Even during this episode, the Italian language was abused for a long time. Warning: Viewing this program can seriously harm your grammar lessons.

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