October 4, 2022

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The magic of the tango dance enchants in Piazza Marconi: the station changes its face for one night – the video

The full moon was the backdrop for the “An Evening Together” initiative, between coexistence, good food, music and dance, organized by the newly created Centro Papa Giovanni XXIII neighborhood network. More than 70 people attended the aperitif held at Albini Square, which managed to gather representatives and visitors from the area around the same table.. Merchants, residents, local police agents, City Angel, Dopolaforo Ferroviario, as well as several associations and the parish of Santa Maria Immacolata delle Grazie, are part of about twenty people who strongly believe in founding a network of neighborhoods that also work to try to improve the urban fabric. The event organized on the evening of Saturday 10 September, where there was no shortage of Palazzo Frizzoni’s collaboration, is the most beautiful testament to how to create a system by finding winning synergies.

From 8:30 pm, under the moonlight, a tango show was held in Piazza Marconi, right in front of the fountain and in front of the train station. Dozens of dancers paraded the Argentine dance steps on a stage set up for the occasion. Coordinated by the cultural association “Tango Bergamo El Ultimo Tren”. All attendees had the opportunity to experience the famous Argentine dance with the active participation of those present.

Tango enchants in Piazza Marconi: video.

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