Ukraine, live coverage – US on the eve of Xi’s visit to Moscow: “Any proposal for a truce is unacceptable to them”

Ukraine, live coverage – US on the eve of Xi’s visit to Moscow: “Any proposal for a truce is unacceptable to them”

Polish Ambassador to France: Either Kiev will defend independence, or we will have to go to war

Or Ukraine will defend itself independence Or, if not, we’ll have to Join this struggleBecause our basic values, which are the foundation of our civilization, are at stake, so we will have no choice.” The Polish ambassador to France said, Jean-Emeric Roszewskiinterview on TV lci.
The response came while talking about a transfer MiG-29 fighter From Poland and Slovakia to Ukraine, a possible escalation of the conflict was discussed. According to what was reported by the Polish newspaper factAmbassador Jan Emeric Roszewski explained that “it is NATO, not Poland, nor France, nor Slovakia, that is adding to the tension, but it is Russia which attacked Ukraine, and it is Russia that invades, kills people and kidnaps Ukrainian children.” After a moment, he explained that Poland could still play a role more important in this war.

The White House: The armistice will mean “ratification of the conquests that Russia has made so far”

We’ll see what comes out of this meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin And Xi Jinping But if the call for an armistice appears in Ukraine, it will be “unacceptableFor it would mean “ratification of the conquests Russia has made so far” and “concession.” More time for PutinThis was confirmed by the White House National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirbyl Fox.

White House: Chinese proposal for truce “unacceptable”

President of the United States Joe Biden He has no intention of speaking with his Chinese counterpart something Jinping Over the phone, at least not now. A White House National Security Council spokesman said it would do so “when the time is right.” John Kirby Interview by Fox News. Furthermore, Kirby added that the United States considers “unacceptableChinese proposition truce in Ukraine. If the meeting between Putin and Xi leads to a call for a truce in Ukraine, it will be for us unacceptableHe said before Xi’s visit to Moscow on Monday.

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Bombs on Zaporizhia: three dead

at least three persons I am death after Bombing By the Russians a residential building in the village Kamenskoin the area Zaporizhia. bring it back Ukraineska Pravda Quoting the regional administration. At least two people were injured in the attack.

Kiev: “The Russians are powerless to seize Bakhmut”

The Russians are tactically unable to complete the takeover Bakhmut And they suffer huge losses in the fighting – this is confirmed Sergey Cherevatyrepresentative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as reported Ukraineska Pravda. “Yeah, there are very active fights, and they still keep doing dozens Inertial attacksBut it suffered huge losses. Our command and staff are properly planning their defense, said Cherevaty.

Putin’s propaganda in Mariupol: “The Nazis’ fault”

Visit Orchestra Hall Restoration, where the “show” trials of Ukrainian soldiers captured at the Siege of Azovstal and then exchanged for Russian soldiers took place. He went to Role Brand new, built by the Russians after preal estate And he took control of the coastal city on the Sea of ​​Azov. I met Citizensthey took to the streets at night to assure them that “everything will be fine” and that “we need to get to know each other better”, because what happened was because of “the Nazis, I am Nazis. Good people don’t do these things.” It is the diary of the surprise visit, or “working visit” as the Kremlin called it, launched by the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin Led to Mariupol, city Code from resistance UkraineWhich fell into the hands of the Russians after a bloody siege. Mariupol Azov battalionbarricaded himself to burnout with part of the population in steel mills AzovstalAbout 2,600 soldiers and civilians. But also MariupolChildren’s Hospital Born in maternity ward The Russians bombed it last March and now, as promised by the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khosnulin Besides Putin, it will be rebuilt and “all will have more modern laboratories and an ambulance.”

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South Africa is aware of its legal obligations regarding the ICC arrest warrant

the South Africa Aware of its legal obligations related to the ICC arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin: a spokesperson for the President said today Cyril RamaphosaReferring to the Russian president’s proposed visit to the country. Reuters news agency published this on its website. Putin is expected to arrive in South Africa in August to participate in the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). As a government, we are aware of our legal obligations. However, between now and the summit, we will remain engaged with various stakeholders,” said the spokesperson, Vincent Maguenya.

Peskov: “An American MQ-9 drone with the transmitter turned off violated the borders of Russian airspace”

Obviously, drones flying near the borders of Russia, whose “mission is by no means peaceful,” are “extremely dangerous.” And those who lead them are “directly involved in the conflict” in Ukraine and “against us.” This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an interview with Russia 1 TV. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that an American MQ-9 drone equipped with closed transmitters violated, on Tuesday, the borders of Russian airspace over the Black Sea, and for Peskov. It’s clear enough what these drones do. Their mission is by no means a peaceful mission to ensure the safety of navigation in international waters. We know that very well.”

Putin in the Mariupol Philharmonic Theater turned to the court for the trial of the Azov fighters

According to RIA Novosti, President Vladimir Putin also visited the Philharmonic Orchestra during his visit to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which was captured in May. The theater was used by the Russian administration to process captured Ukrainian fighters at the Azovstal Steel Plant, a massive industrial complex where Ukrainian forces held out for weeks before surrendering. In August, the United Nations expressed concern about the erection of cages on stage for Ukrainian prisoners and warned Moscow that they were about to commit a war crime: “It is unacceptable and insulting,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the UN human rights office.

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Putin at the command post in Rostov-on-Don, Peskov: “She wasn’t ready”

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the command center of what Moscow calls a special military operation in the city of Rostov on Sunday transpire in south Russia. This was reported by the Tass news agency, explaining that Putin held a meeting at a military command and control center in the Russian city. Putin arrived here from Mariupol, where he went this morning. As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained to the RIA Novosti news agency, Putin’s trip to the command center of the special military operation in Rostov-on-Don was not prepared in advance. As for the trip to the command post in Rostov-on-Don, it was not planned, it was not prepared in any way. The Kremlin spokesman said the main goal was to see the command center work in the usual way.

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