Is Putin in danger of civil war? The Chechen revolution that worries Russia

Is Putin in danger of civil war?  The Chechen revolution that worries Russia

revolutionaries Chechnya They are preparing to open another front against Russians. A new civil war may erupt in the Caucasus, as separatists intend to take advantage of the difficulty of the Moscow army to divert forces. from Ukraine.

there Russia I actually participated in two wars in Chechnya in the 1990s and early 2000s. wars that a separatists Muslims tried to gain independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the end, the power fell into the hands of Ramadan Kadyrov, the current pro-Russian president of the Chechen Republic and very loyal to Putin. In fact, the Chechen militiamen participated in the invasion of Ukraine along with the troops from Moscow. But the Chechen rebels deployed their battalions in Ukraine alongside the Kyiv army. One such battalion is the Al-Mansur Brigade, whose spokesman announced the resumption of hostilities against the Russians also in Chechnya. “Russia will collapse,” he said. In a video posted on social media, the Daily Express reported that the separatists made new threats against Putin and Kadyrov: “Our fathers and mothers were killed by the Russian federalists. From today, the resistance movement will start to move. We ask all free people to resist at all levels. We refuse to live under the banner of occupation.”

Russia, discouraged soldiers: «The truth? We are losing.” The maps used are from 1969

US intelligence: Chechen rebels could take advantage of war

Rebekah KovlerA US intelligence expert told Fox News: “The possibility that Chechen rebels, to assert their independence, could take advantage of the fact that Russian forces are deployed in Ukraine is plausible. And even if they fail to carry out their threats, they will at least make Putin believe he is risking emptying his forces into Ukraine, leaving Kyiv with the possibility of a counterattack.” Meanwhile, Kadyrov asked Putin to arm the Caucasus with an anti-aircraft defense system in the mountains of the region and a tank base in Shali. Kadyrov said that “Russia needs strategic military solutions” in the current geopolitical context. “In the mountains of Chechnya, on the southern border of Russia, anti-aircraft defense systems are more necessary than ever,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. He baptized the new Northern Akhmat Regiment (named after his father Akhmad Kadyrov), headed by the Russian Defense Ministry and made up of “fighters with experience in operations in Syria and Ukraine.” The regiment will join East Akhmat, West Akhmat and South Akhmat.

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