“In Putin’s entourage the use of the atomic bomb was discussed”: revealing a mole in the Russian services

“In Putin’s entourage the use of the atomic bomb was discussed”: revealing a mole in the Russian services

During these nine months of war, at the head of the Russian power, even a retinue Russian President Vladimir PutinPossibility Use the atomic bomb in Ukraine. Revelations come out of the weekly pages Newsweek Who got a series of emails attributed to the mole from fsbthe Russian intelligence services, from which the top leaders came out He flies They clashed over whether or not to use nuclear weapons to win the war.

It is called the mole in question Winds of Change According to the story, he had sent the emails to the Russian human rights activist Vladimir Usishkinwho runs the anti-corruption website Gulagu.ru. Communication between the two began on March 4, a few days after the invasionUkraine by an army The Kremlin. Since that day, the transmission of information has been continuous and anger and resentment around Putin’s figure has been revealed for the decision to unleash the conflict. The most recent letters, dating back to November, call A.J “Civil war” Among Putin’s closest allies, ii Newsweek.

But an email dated March 17 raises concerns that this might happen nuclear war. In the text, the mole hopes, though the conflict has “somehow transcended logic and common sense”, that “this utter insanity is non-conformist”, referring to the use of atomic bombs. In this and other emails between March and April, the source expressed doubts about the feasibility of a nuclear attack because he did not believe the chain of command would follow all orders and the effects might also affect Russia, for example if the bomb was intercepted on Russian territory or the intended target was not hit. Not to mention the use of atomic weapons “It would show military weakness.”, “will not achieve anything” and “would cause consequences that would be illogical to even think about.” And the mole accuses Putin as well There is no strategy He pointed the finger at him for the Russian setbacks in Ukraine during that period. And they complain about it ‘Nobody’s stopping him’his entourage is already “supporting” him: “You must see how our entourage (in the FSB, sohumiliated.”

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