Pop music (and other culture) from the USA

Pop music (and other culture) from the USA

Roy’s worldl Barry Gifford (Translation and introduction by Michela Carpi; Jimenez Edizione), is a kind of training work for the wonderful author Chicago. A novel in short (sometimes very short) stories, a narrative puzzle capable of reconstructing a newspaper story spanning twenty years of the twentieth century (between the end of the forties and the beginning of the sixties). The ultimate protagonist is young Roy, Gifford’s alter ego, a tireless observer moving on the roads from before Chicago Hence from all of America a court of interchangeable miracles, made up of private parents, whores, whores, depressed, bewildered, poor, thugs, dismissive of the great dreams of the stars and stripes. Briefly, all Gifford samples to the ninth degree. Roy’s world It’s a growing up story told through a gritty, entertaining, and heartwarming journey. It is a memory booka successful attempt to save paper what is lost from us day after day.

Maggie. Street Girl and Other New York Storiesl Stephen Crane (Edited by Mario Maffei, Rojas Edizione), in my opinion it is the work to read if you want to understand New York From the beginning of the twentieth century. Written when the author was 21, the short novel, centering on the young character Maggie, is set in the Bowery, in Manhattan. These are the years of the Great Migration, the explosion of contemporary primitive consumerism. Drawn by life, misunderstood and misunderstood by the family, Maggie descends into the netherworld, wandering increasingly disreputable regions, until her journey takes her to a river, trapped by the shadows of dirty men, with the realization that there is no possibility of escaping his world. written on the way meagerDirectly, Crane’s first work remains a true narrative statement, capable of transporting popular literature from one century to another, projecting a strong sense of community condemnation.

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neon nightl Joyce Carol Oates (translated by Claudia Durastante, Carbonio Editore), is a wonderful collection of everyday stories. Stories of strong emotional tension, narrative bipolarity, suspense pills. a woman who may have gotten lost along the way or may have lost her mind; The photographer who allows himself to seduce the troubled and distressed souls that inhabit A Detroit in the neglect of mentally disturbed students looking for victims who could make up for their boredom; A brilliantly unstable writer is drawn to a cashier to be spared or sacrificed… neon night that it Small world of American distortion It consists of long processions of cars, neon signs, abandoned buildings, ice prisons, and impersonal bars. A small world of anti-heroes, victims, killers, and protagonists of stories that seem to suggest to the reader that, after all, there is no unequivocal truth.

The last days of Ptolemy Grayl Walter Moseley (translated by Andrea Russo; 21lettere), featuring a ninety-year-old African-American living in South Los Angeles in a run-down apartment crammed with rubbish and broken items. A serial hoarder, his mind driven by the flow of life toward dementia, Tolomeo spends his days listening to classical music on the radio, and maintains a tenuous connection to the outside world thanks to his nephew Reggie, until he is killed in a gunfight. Then a 17-year-old orphan, Robin, enters the hero’s life, who will shed light on Ptolemy’s existence by introducing him to Dr. Bryant Robin, who has chosen him to experiment with a drug capable of reviving and bringing memories closer. until death. A trip down memory lane, a trip Salvation. One of Mosley’s most original and best-completed works.

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axel. Biography of Guns N’ Roses leaderl Ken Paisley (transl. Federico Traversa; Il Castello), is an explosion of rock music controversy that highlights the tortured life of William Bruce Rose Jr, frontman Guns not flowers. Through unpublished interviews, meticulous research and photographs emerge of a boy growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, in a family that gave him a strict religious upbringing from which he soon learned to stand up for himself and rebel until he was abused in both. home by the local police force. Then there is a file Los Angeles In the early 1980s, as Axel turns 17, he joins his childhood friends Vito Carls and Izzy Stradlin, to pursue a career as a rock musician. A raw, no-frills tale in which the Guns N’ Roses leader’s story is filtered: from the abuse he suffered in childhood to global success, and from tumultuous romances to fights with… scale down and other band members.

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