Russia, students will learn to use drones, guns and grenades at school

Russia, students will learn to use drones, guns and grenades at school

Drones have played a crucial – and devastating – role in the war in Ukraine

Starting in September, Russian schoolchildren will learn to maneuver Drones from fighting. Senator Artem Chekhin Announce lessons that will see students take part in learning to run Drones (FVO) as part of the “Fundamentals of Life Safety” program.

Drones, Guns, and Bombs classes will start on September 1st

Year 10 and 11 students will also be trained in use guns by assault and grenades as part of the programme. The Russian Ministry of Defense has already approved the new version, which will be adopted from September 1, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

Deputy Defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov said that the program will include basic operational information and ways to address it enemy weaponsincluding the drones themselves.

For London, Russia wants to impose “national militarism”

Drones have been used extensively in the conflict in Ukraine, in order to locate and attack enemy positions. Both sides appealed in this way Airstrikes On military and civilian targets, as the bloody battle rages on the front and strikes Russia Residential areas Only with drones. The list of different types of drones used in battle is extensive. They include the Turkish Bayraktar TB2, the American Switchblade 300 and 600, and the Iranian Witness 136, to name a few.

Citing intelligence, the British Ministry of Defense described the new Russian curriculum as an attempt to impose a “military patriotism”. Russia’s renewed emphasis on military education for boys is largely an attempt to cultivate a culture rather than developing real skills.”

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