United Nations: The situation is devastating in Gaza. The Palestinians are isolated, and Israel is preparing for invasion

United Nations: The situation is devastating in Gaza.  The Palestinians are isolated, and Israel is preparing for invasion

The situation in the Gaza Strip is increasingly catastrophic. Civilians are without electricity and water, and supplies are running out. At least 1,400 deaths, including about 700 women and children. 300 thousand displaced people. Israel prepares for invasion. The Israeli Chief of Staff threatens to annihilate Gaza.


Explosions on Gaza They are uninterrupted: there is no shelter for anyone. More than 1,500 Palestinians were killed, including at least 700 women and children, and more than 6,000 others were injured. About 300 thousand people were displaced.

While the comprehensive blockade continues, Israel is preparing for itGround invasion of the sector From the north and south after the government launched the war. The Israeli Chief of Staff makes an ominous promise: “Gaza will never be the same again“.
The United Nations is increasingly concerned, and has described the situation in Palestine as “devastating.” Palestinians In fact they still are Isolated under the bombsWithout water, food or electricity, with supplies quickly running out. The Israelis say that the isolation will continue until the return of the Hamas hostages, who number more than 120 people.
11 workers from the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees were also killed in Israeli air strikes.

The Rafah crossing remains the only point of contact with the outside world for the two and a half million Palestinians trapped in the Strip. Egypt called for the establishment of a buffer zone to stop the bombing around the entrance. However, the infrastructure was damaged after Israeli air strikes on October 10.

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According to Syrian sources, Israel also bombed Aleppo and Damascus airports.

In his first public statements, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Mahmoud Abbas called on Thursday for an “immediate cessation of aggression” against the Palestinians. During his meeting in Amman with Jordanian King Abdullah II, he condemned violence against civilians on both sides. Civilians are the main victims of the conflict that erupted following the attack by Hamas on October 7.

Seven journalists were killed in Gaza and thousands of civilians were killed

to’Total blockade imposed by Tel Aviv after the brutal attack it was subjected to agitation Causes hundreds of Civilian casualties: More than 1,500 Palestinians have already died and Israel’s demands are respected International law. However, according to the Jewish nation, everything was done according to standards.

According to what was reported by ANSA, they are indeed so Seven journalists Those who worked in the Gaza Strip and were martyred, according to what was reported by Sami Abu Omar, the cultural mediator of the Italian Center for Cultural Exchange – VIC, who was present at the site.

Israel launched a raid on the Gaza port on Tuesday afternoon. Pictures broadcast by Al Jazeera on television show a thick cloud of smoke rising from the port, with fishing boats and other ships catching fire.

The Palestinians are besieged

Meanwhile, the civilian population continues to find itself trapped: it is the few Portals All available places, including those in Rafah leading to… Egypt. . UN workers on site are paying a very high price: UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) So tell that Eleven employees were killed**** Since the beginning of the bombings.

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And Israel spread 300 thousand soldiers to its borders in what is expected to be an imminent invasion of Gaza. It also distributes weapons to licensed persons in kibbutzim near the border.

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