Chicago 4th of July parade shooting, 6 dead

Chicago 4th of July parade shooting, 6 dead

It’s a chase In Highland Park, in the northern suburbs of Chicago: At least 6 dead and 31 wounded The shooting that occurred during the 4th of July parade. According to local media, police are patrolling the area in search of the killer, while warning residents to stay away from the shooting area. “It’s not safe here, go home,” the officers told the people who took part in the parade.

The perpetrator of the massacre used a gun and Shot from the roof: The New York Times reported, citing police sources.

The FBI has arrived at the scene From shooting to cooperate with the local police.

“At first I thought it was fireworks, and didn’t realize it was gunshots.” A witness to the shooting in Chicago’s northern suburbs told CNN. The woman said again, “Then I started seeing bloody people screaming and running away, and then I understood. It was awful.” Another witness who was driving to the parade when the shooting began said: “It was a chaotic scene. I tried to contact my family and found that they had taken refuge inside a building near the road.” He watched people fleeing from a building. side by side.

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