Spalletti press conference live

Spalletti press conference live

Blow on Sarri: “I do not support”

Luciano Spalletti’s comment is controversial: «It would be easy for me to answer Sarri that it would be good for him to qualify as late as possible for the Champions League, but I don’t, I don’t support him. Obviously I would like to shut it down immediately but we are ready to go and do whatever it takes on the field.”

And about the title of Scudetto, the dear sincerity of De Laurentiis, the Napoli coach adds: «It is a fact that he managed to adjust his calculations and I agree with him, as for the rest, I will not comment on him».

The hug of the greats: “It is also thanks to them”

It’s everyone’s championship. Luciano Spalletti also honors those who are no longer with us: “This year we play in the second half, and the first was last season. I also received important contributions from the players who left to make today’s team. We had very important players like Insigne, Coulibaly, Mertens, Ghoulam, people who gave us a lot with their personalities.”

The stick and the carrot

Sweet words for Kvaratskhelia, less sweet words for Osimhen. “You have to know how to be a defender even if you are an attacker. It is a complement that the team must possess in the future, ”says Luciano Spalletti to those who ask him about Salernitana’s goal.

On the other hand, for Di Lorenzo, only applause: “There is no one like him in this league but to have a season like ours you need 22 strong players.”

The letter to Kvaratskhelia

No comparisons, thanks: «I don’t know if it’s the strongest team I’ve coached. Putting two teams apart in time is just not right. I’m lucky, I’ve coached strong teams and very strong players. The players who come to Napoli are forced to do more to perceive that there is love for the team. Even when you stop at traffic lights, you realize the love that exists, ”explains Luciano Spalletti. and sends love letters to Kvaratskhelia: “He is a delightful footballer but very young, he has a lot to learn but he will learn and become a great footballer”.

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“My contract? Let’s think about celebrating.”

It’s too early to talk about the contract: «There are still good things to do, better than my contract. We want to complete this year that is not yet complete, then we will think about celebrating because it is right. And then I’ll consider getting back into the game by always asking myself the same thing: Am I in a position to give this audience what it deserves? Luciano Spalletti summed it up. But it is clear that he would like to stay here very much: «I see the potential in the future cycle, then it will depend on the market and the things that we will be able to organize. Before my eyes, in addition to the Sun, we have a good team with future prospects and can follow the results obtained.

One-year trip: “My work rewards me”

This year’s entire march is taking place before our eyes: “There is a little fear, but there is also a memory of what we have done so far, of our qualities and the matches we have played. We must never lose our position and our conviction »says Luciano Spalletti.

All the rest is pride: “I reward with work, not with the result. I was happy with the availability I found this year. But winning the Scudetto in Naples is something extra, an extreme luxury, that makes me feel comfortable in any position. I will live well the rest of my life, football and other things.”

Final Regret: “I’m sorry to the fans”

There is still disappointment with the derby result: “Seeing our fans upset on Sunday humiliates us, we feast on their happiness,” notes Luciano Spalletti. He continues, “My thoughts always go to them. The stadium made us understand that the project we are completing is what I dreamed of when I arrived. I imagined a stadium like this. With scarves and flags and children all blue. It should be a party for everyone.”

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Spalletti in the heart of Napoli: “We were there for the Scudetto”

Luciano Spalletti, heart of Naples: «Scudetto? We stayed there trezzianno chianu chianu, as they say in Naples. I knew from the start that I was dealing with an authentic team. I’m glad, they were able to show their qualities right away. There were difficult moments. This scudetto is something that comes out of the box: Naples, the city, but also everyone involved in this system will benefit from it. The team deserves it, we still have to do the last stage and it’s the hardest thing. We continue as normal, knowing that there will be duplicates even after the calculation. No distractions.”

Spalletti press conference live

we are here. Precise as usual, at 12:30 Luciano Spalletti takes the floor from Castel Volturno. Udine celebrates: “I am related to many people in Friuli. There are teams that I have been involved with for years. Seven years in Rome, five years in Zenit, Empoli and also in Udine. It is said I have a difficult personality and this collides a bit. It’s hard to find another manager who’s only toured four or five teams. I was called to Udine when there were difficulties: we bailed out but the next year I went elsewhere before returning. Pierpaolo Marino, with whom I have a relationship, would welcome him, he is right when he says that Napoli at these levels start from him. The Bozos gave me a lot, and with them I witnessed the beginning of my career. And Sutil was my footballer and he was really the captain on the field. They are beautiful memories, which I am happy to find again at a moment that could greatly define our history.”

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It will be an Italian invasion in Udine

Half of who are always news outside the home. Half of Dacia’s yard will be painted blue tomorrow evening. And it doesn’t matter if Naples is exactly 840 kilometers away from Friulian Stadium. There is no end to the blue tide about to invade Italy, this time even mathematically.

Meanwhile, all the Neapolitans residing in northern Italy and neighboring countries are ready to invade Udine. There haven’t been any more rooms in town for days, and hotels have been already full for a while. It seems to be in Naples but there are plenty of other places. This will, most likely, be the first time Napoli have won the Scudetto and the fans don’t want to miss it. Even and above all those who haven’t seen Napoli for a while.

The precedents between Udinese and Napoli

Napoli played Udinese in three competitions with a total of 91 matches, with a record of 41 wins, 31 draws and 19 losses. In total, 145 goals were scored and 114 goals conceded.

Match live on Dozen

Udinese-Napoli is scheduled for Thursday 4 May at the Dacia Arena in Udine. The kick-off, scheduled for 8.45pm, was confirmed at the end of a meeting in the county, thus eliminating the hypothesis of the match being postponed to 6 or 6:30pm. The match will be broadcast by Dazn via the app that can be used on smart TVs, as well as on game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) and devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Timvision Box and Google Chromecast.

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