Show green and gold, Croatia in the quarter-finals

Show green and gold, Croatia in the quarter-finals


90′ + 4′ – Ends here, Brazil in the quarter

Four minutes into extra time, the match was over: Brazil beat South Korea 4-1 and headed to the quarter-finals against Croatia.


89′ – Bicycle kick from Dani Alves

In the offensive projection, Dani Alves almost missed the stunning corner kick.


81′ – Tate removes Alisson and Neymar

Alisson makes his last save of the game on Cho, then Tite pulls it out to enter third goalie Weverton. Neymar also out, Rodrigo in place.


76′ – Korea goal with BAIC!

Allison can do nothing about this: Pike’s twisted left foot, which came in the 65th minute, from a long run finishes at a crossroads. finesse and 4-1.


72′ – Bremer on the field

Double substitution for Tite: Bremer instead of Danilo, Juventus players, and Martinelli instead of Vinicius. Brazil is three times behind.


68′ – Alison Block

In front of Brazil is a killer, but behind them we have to thank Allison, author of Another Tremendous Open Hand Saves Hwang H..


63′ – Raven it again! Enter Dani Alves

Kim Sung-gyu is again decisive in Ravenha, deflecting the Brazilian’s shot. First substitution for Tite: Dani Alves in Militao (cautious).


55′ – Chance for Rafinha

Ravenha goes it alone, feinting twice in the area and shooting low at the long post, and Kim Sung-gyu dives in.


47′ – Alison Eun Soon’s Miracle!

Son Marquinhos surprises with speed after a long ball and a right foot drive, Alisson miraculously gets out and manages to deflect off a corner kick.

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46′ – start of the second half

It starts again without changes and Brazil leads 4-0.

8:51 PM

45′ + 5′ – Paqueta and Richarlison came close to making it 5-0. The end of the first half

Another beautiful work of Brazil in the 46th minute, which ended with an already classy Paqueta from outside the ball, which hit the goalkeeper. Richarlison also tried shortly after the break, but the shot was saved by Kim Seung-Gyu with his foot. The first half ends.

8:36 p.m

36 ‘ – Poker Brazil, Paquito also scores!

It’s an overwhelming Brazil: At the beginning of the second half, Vinicius prepares for the arrival of Paqueta, who was the first to hit the ball in the winning diagonal guess.

8:33 p.m

33′ – Again Alisson on Hwang H.

Nice work on the back line by Hwang H. who jumps from Militao and shoots, but Alisson locks the goal.

8:29 p.m

What a goal Richarlison scored! At first with the sleight of hand with which he dribbles three times like in a circus, then he bends over and exchanges with Casemiro, appearing alone in front of the goalkeeper, hitting the board. The party also includes Tite dancing with the team.

8:17 p.m

17′ – A great save by Alisson

South Korea react, Hwang H unloads a great shot from distance but Alisson flies and swerves to attempt a corner kick: a super save.

8:13 p.m

13′ – Neymar doubles his penalty!

Only 13 minutes and Brazil are already leading 2-0. Richarlison gets the penalty kick and Neymar converts it with extraordinary coolness. For O Ney, it is the second goal in this World Cup (the first against Tunisia) and the 76th goal with the Selecao, with the exception of a goal from Pele.

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7 ‘- Vinicius’ goal!

In the first rush, Brazil took the lead: dribbling Rafinha on the right and making a low cross, Neymar did not get there, but Vinicius was in the far corner, who dominated and put under the crossbar.


1′ – Brazilian South Korea Beginning

National anthems and beyond, Korea plays first ball. Tite recovers Neymar and releases him as a key player in the Green Gold attack, on the other side he instead leads the defense of Kim Napoli.

7.45 p.m

I am looking for the first target

In the 91st minute of the last match, Son was involved in scoring a goal for the first time in this World Cup with South Korea, and provided an assist for Hwang for the goal that saw them through to the Round of 16. Son is still looking for his first World Cup goal.


The curious truth about Rodrigo

Brazil’s Rodrigo has scored three World Cup opponents, including two in their last game against Cameroon – more than any other player so far in the competition, despite playing just 114 of the available 270 minutes.


Official profiles

Brazil (4-2-3-1): Allison. Militao, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Danilo; Paquita, Casemiro; Rafinha, Neymar, Vinicius; Richardson. CT: Tete.

South Korea (4-2-3-1): Kim Sung-gyu, Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-joon, Kim Jin-soo; Hwang In-beom, Jung; Hwang Hee-chan, Lee, H-sun; Chu S. CT: Paolo Pinto.

7:00 pm

Curiosities about Brazil and South Korea

This will be the eighth meeting between Brazil and South Korea, and it is the first in an official match between the two sides. Brazil have won six of their previous seven (L1) matches, including the last 5-1 last June.

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South Korea has never beaten a South American team in a World Cup, drawing two and losing four.

This will be South Korea’s first knockout match at the World Cup since 2010, when they were eliminated by Uruguay in the Round of 16 (1-2). Previously, they had only won one of their five matches immediately after the competition’s group stage (D1 L3), in 2002 against Italy.

Brazil have progressed to the last 16 on all seven occasions they have contested the World Cup, only failing to win in 90 minutes and advancing only after a penalty shootout against Chile in 2014. The last time they were eliminated from this point in the tournament was in 1990 against Argentina.

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