Science and knowledge meetings

Science and knowledge meetings

From 4 to 23 May – Villa Caldogno: Science and Knowledge Meetings

Press speakers Gianmarco Securo and GianAntonio Stella are among the speakers.

Six evenings with free admission to Villa Caldogno, all starting at the age of 21, to fill the “hunger” for knowledge by being able to listen to testimonies and stories of personalities in various fields, from theater to journalism, from justice to disability.

The long-awaited “Science and Knowledge” course is back in May, thanks common And to Pro Loco of Caldogno.

Villa Caldogno: Meetings of Science and Knowledge

The first appointment is Thursday, May 4th

with Gianfranco Spigollone Minigozzo Who will tell “behind the scenes” about the comedic theater Città di Vicenza, for which he works as logistics director.

Friday, May 5th

It will be a turn Andrea Lanzithe first amputee capable of reaching the goal of reaching the Three Summits, and climbing more than 8,000 people with prostheses in 2022.

Thursday, May 11th

It will be up to art therapist and holistic operator Federica Muliani, while on Friday May 12th Ray’s war correspondent will be a guest. Gianmarco for sureamong the journalists who personally follow the conflict in Ukraine.

Friday 19 May

There will be a certificate Giuseppe Sanmarco and Luciano TerendilI, two members of Giovanni Falcone’s escort who escaped Capase’s attack by sheer kill.

Villa Caldogno – last evening, Friday 26th May,

The journalist will be the protagonist GianAntonio StellaCorriere della Sera Historic Pen.

Journalist Antonio Grigolin will moderate the meetings.

Caldogno – May 3, 2023

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