Juventus, Dybala’s lawyer: 49.5 million damages and 4-5 compensation

Juventus, Dybala’s lawyer: 49.5 million damages and 4-5 compensation

The testimony in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Argentine Attorney, who determines the economic difference between the renewal agreed in Turin and the contract signed afterwards in Rome: in the application also the salaries of the months not yet received from the second salary manoeuvre

Dybala and Juventus split up in the summer, but off the field the story goes on. At least according to what appears from the testimony of lawyer Luca Ferrari, the Romanian lawyer, who was heard by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin last February 28 as part of the Prisma investigation, which is the investigation into the accounts of the Juventus club that issued the indictment against her. Juventus and 12 suspects (from former president Agnelli to deputy Nedved, from Arrivabene to Paracci). Charges brought by the judges range from false corporate communications to obstruction of oversight, and from insider trading to false billing. The approaching date of the preliminary hearing – Monday before examining magistrate Marco Picco – is marked by constant news.

Dybala case

This is part of the content of Dybala’s lawyer’s hearing, which was contained in supplementary documents provided on Tuesday. “Juventus fell flat on a negotiated deal, signing was just a formality,” Ferrari claimed at one point. And not renewing with Juventus, according to what appears from an email obtained in the records, Dybala cost a total of 49 million and 497 thousand euros. A matter of length (5 years for the draft agreement with the Bianconeri and 3 years for the agreement signed with Roma), but also for the amounts. “It is equal to the difference between the fixed salary envisaged on a renewal basis (€69 000 652 000 gross gross) and that envisaged in the performance contract just concluded with Roma (€ 20 155 000 graft gross). For all these reasons – and for the month of the second salary manoeuvre, about 3 million – Ferrari does not rule out taking action against the club, and the demand between one and the other will amount to 4-5 million euros.

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Dybala would like to avoid going that far. “Actually – explains Ferrari, who has already exempted the player from professional secrecy – it was not Paolo who asked for compensation in the first place, but his entourage. But I agreed.” For Ferrari, Juventus and the player in 2021 were “an agreement on every essential element”. From duration (5 seasons) to compensation (“fixed wages €9.2m, total equal to €17.413m”) up to bonuses: “variable remuneration of 9 bonuses equivalent to a maximum of €4.9m”. So until Juventus change. “Which in January decided to focus on Vlahović and the two operations, in my opinion, were alternative and incompatible.” a result? “I think – explains Ferrari – that I will try in both directions, to work on a non-renewal basis and on the basis of the protection agreements signed with the second salary maneuver.” Almost 3 million which, under the agreement, Dybala should receive by April.

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