Osimhen: There is no other place like Napoli, I want to stay for a long time. Gay Spalletti | first page

Osimhen: There is no other place like Napoli, I want to stay for a long time.  Gay Spalletti |  first page

Victor Osimhen, the Napoli striker, Released an extended interview with Mics Elite TV Sports To comment on his adventure in Serie A. These are his main statements: “I’ve had a lot of problems since arriving in Europe. In Germany I had surgery three times on my right knee. Then a problem with my shoulder that also required surgery. These things I went through made me who I am It was him today, then when I moved to Italy everything was different. I had Covid, an injury in my right hand that kept me out for three months and it was a difficult time, but I always believed in myself and knew I would come back stronger.

On his return from injuries: “All these things defined my career and my life. I knew when I came back that I could fulfill my desires and silence those who didn’t believe in me. Last season I had a bad injury to my face, it was a bad moment and again I had to undergo surgery. It was hard for me, but I surrounded Myself with my loved ones and it helped me heal faster. Today I am happy to have a mask to protect me.”

On his current performance: “Now I’m very proud of myself, I’m collecting crazy numbers and that’s good for me and for Napoli, my team. Now we’re in the race to be champions and celebrate. I’ll do everything in the next matches to make sure my dreams come true, I can’t wait! The Scudetto comes true”.

About Spalletti: “I like him because he has the same mentality as me: he doesn’t think it’s over until it’s really done. And he’s taken it to the whole dressing room. We work harder in training, as if we have to save ourselves. That’s the key, the secret, the mentality of the whole team. And those like me who have been at Napoli for a long time, like Di Lorenzo or Mario Rui, try to get into the minds of our teammates to make them understand what we’ve been through in recent seasons, where we’ve played, how we’ve lived, what it means to play and win here. If the dream begins to come true, we can hope for this, but we have to perform well in the upcoming matches to become champions.”

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On the fan hit in La Spezia: “She kicked the ball so hard, she didn’t see the ball coming and hit it. I saw it was a lady, it could have been my mum, I felt bad. I wanted to reassure myself it was all right, I wanted to show me I was sorry and I’m glad she accepted my apology.” It’s normal when you go to the stadium, but I was so sorry.”

On the flag dedicated to Maradona: “Yes, I’ve seen a gentleman wave this flag with my face in the stadium. It’s amazing the support and love I get from people, they show me every single day. I’ll never forget it. They show me in every way, with song, with a prayer. These are things I’ll never forget.” “When he sees these things, I just say I want to do something great to bring back all that love. I looked for the guy who had my flag. I saw him after a game with Atalanta, I gave him my shirt and we talked a bit.”

On the protective mask: “It has become part of my identity, along with blonde hair. So many fun initiatives have been done in Naples with my face, even my classmates send me pictures and videos. It’s a great feeling to feel inspired with this mask and I’m really happy.” I guess I’ll keep the mask for them.”

Naples like Lagos? “Napoli is a different city, it gives you completely different sensations than anywhere else. When you play there, you understand why many players decide to stay there for a long time: in Naples they show incredible love and in incredible ways to the players. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. In the city there is a huge mural of Maradona and this shows that when you do a lot for these people you make them happy. And you can be sure that they will always support you. Every time I get hurt or miss their targets, they keep singing my name, it’s not clear. I’m grateful for love which they gave me. The only way I can repay them is to make them happy on the pitch, and make their dream come true now. I will do everything.”

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