“Today there are more faults than Milan deserves.”

“Today there are more faults than Milan deserves.”


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Lorenzo Insigne spoke to DAZN for the after-game match between Napoli and Milan. These are his sayings:

Are there more of your drawbacks or advantages to AC? “There are certainly a lot of flaws on our part, even if we fought and scored to the end. We are so sorry for the many people who supported us today, and that’s what we regret the most. A big regret.”

About the rating: “Today was a great opportunity that we missed. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves, there are a lot of games lost. There are few points, we have to stay focused.”

Did you say something in the locker room? “The talk was pointless, and there was sadness at not winning. It is better to speak calmly tomorrow to analyze what went wrong.”

Do you want to remember forever? “There is a great desire, if we do what we did tonight no one will remind us. We have to be calm and do a lot better than tonight.”

Where do we start? “We have to start from the good stuff, we did something good tonight. We have to start from there. The defeat hurts me and she’s so sorry. It’s hard to explain in words, but there are still many games to do better than tonight. We must. We all have to do better and all of us together.”

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