iPhone is going to retire: the sensational bomb is changing the future Apple has already thought about replacing it

iPhone is going to retire: the sensational bomb is changing the future Apple has already thought about replacing it
The new Reality Pro sensors are finally here: do experts think they’ll be retired from the iPhone? (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

We are getting closer and closer to WWDC 2023, the annual conference organized by Apple and which will be held directly at Apple Park in Cupertino.

In fact, there are fewer and fewer to start with June. And the expectation increases every day. There are many users who can’t wait to discover this conference What news are you bringing? We’ve already seen that there will be heresy As for the diverse systems Company operations. After that, there will be a new presentation MacBook Air from 15″.

But he holds the first court a question very important. He even thought that something would be introduced that would punish him future The company he founded Steve Jobs. a exchange to road Epocal. Practically, according to experts, prof device which will be able to transmit pensionDefinitely one of products Loved by users.

We are talking about iPhone. Yes, you get it right. iPhone will enter pension And they will gradually be replaced by new ones hardware It will come very soon. You should know that after a long wait, it will be presented in June at WWDC 2023. From what is said on the web, this must be something epic.

This is also evidenced byemphasis who are you talking to Just think of the fact that many believe, as mentioned earlier, that these will be alternatives affiliateiPhonethe main product of apple. But let’s see together what and why each file is Rumors Bet on them in the company’s future. Let’s find out together.

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Goodbye iPhone: The device will stop working and be replaced by the new Apple AR / VR headset.

In fact, the program launch Metaverse from company Cupertino. This will happen after long waiting times and after several months, during which millions of rumors about new rumors will chase each other masks for augmented and virtual reality. We are talking about Reality Prowhich, thanks to the lenses and sensors, will be able to track all your movements from the body.

The New Reality Pro Sensors Are Finally Here: Will You Stop Using Your iPhone? (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

Moreover, they will be able, through me gestures From users, to open and close and also Uses the Applications inside them. In short, they will be able to merge a file reality hypothetical however TRUE. Initially, it is believed that its use should be supplemented with iPhone. Then, over time, the headphones will be completely fine Self-confident.

And they will do it by defeating, in fact, first a race affiliate iPhone Then the hardware itself. In short, there are those who bet on these new devices apple After a very long wait, claiming that they are going to be future company. Basically, they think that viewers will be able to submit pension the iPhone. we will see. Right now, there was nothing left to do but wait for a start June.

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