Radio Italia Live Saturday 21 May in Milan: schedule, line-up and how to watch the concert

Radio Italia Live Saturday 21 May in Milan: schedule, line-up and how to watch the concert

Milan – Saturday May 21 In Piazza Duomo the appointment with radio italy live, The prom Free celebrated this year I 40 years of Radio Italy. It’s a great comeback for live music, After two years of forced hiatus From the party due to the epidemic. to to cut Evening, Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kisisoglu, For presenters of the eighth year of the event. Radio Italia Live – The concert is going on In Piazza del Duomo starting at 20:10 . Organized by Radio Italia, it was achieved thanks to cooperation with the Municipality of Milan. In the behind the scenesto collect the feelings of artists there will be a speaker Manola Moslehi; To intercept the enthusiasm of the audience will be sPeak Daniela Cappelletti. The opening theme will be performed directly, as in previous versions by Saturnino.

Long awaited – like every year – file List of singers Who will rotate on the stage in the heart of the capital, Milan. Also for the 2022 edition, it is expected that there will be a real profit.

Leaders on stage, accompanied by the Mediterranean Orchestra conducted by Maestro Bruno Santori (in alphabetical order):

  • Alessandra Amoroso
  • blanco
  • cone
  • Elisa
  • Elodie
  • Francesco Japanese
  • Expensive
  • erama
  • maracas
  • Marco Mingoni
  • Gianni Morandi
  • Tactical nuclear penguins
  • Digital
  • Saint John
  • else

Some important information is provided on the Radio Italia website. “To enjoy it safely, it is important to consider a few simple pointers and understand how to get to the event in the simplest way,” the promoters explained. The event is scheduled to start at 8.15 pm. A limited number of people will be able to access box E Maxi screens are not expected to be installed In other areas of the city. Radio Italy reminds us that “l“Access to the event is completely free, but your seat cannot be reserved in any way.” Handicapped area will be on Cathedral Square It will have a dedicated access point from the ramp / slide via dell’Arcivescovado or Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

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Before, during and after the event, you will need to follow some simple events The Code of Conduct is available on the dedicated page accessible from the website

The concert will be broadcast live on Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana, Radio Italia Tv, on Sky Uno, streaming on Now and always available on demand and free streaming on TV8.

Radio Italia Live – The concert was organized by Radio Italia and made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Municipality of Milan. “40 years of radio history is a beautiful thing – he said Milan Mayor Beppe Sala On the occasion of the presentation of the event – And the Radio Italia concert in Milan has always been welcomed agitation. These are difficult times and to manage the balance we must try to have moments of entertainment and fun, and this does not mean to be indifferent to what is happening. And the city is always ready to do its part.”

All information for getting to the concert and back by public transport is available on the Atm website.


Lines M1 (red line) and M3 (yellow line) have been improved. And they close later. M1 trains traveling after normal hours end at Molino Dorino and not at Rho Ferramilano. The last trains leave from the central stations around 1:10 AM.

in detail

m 1

  • From the center to Rho Fieramilano at 00:13
  • From the center to Besgli 1:10 hours
  • From the center to Molino Dorino 1:20 hours
  • From the center to Sesto FS at 1:13
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m 3

  • From the center to Comacina 1:10 hours
  • From the center to San Donato at 1:11

Domo station stop

From 2 pm until the end of the service, the M1 and M3 trains bypass Duomo, closed at the disposal of public security authorities. To change lines, use the Centrale, Loreto or Cadorna stations. To get to Piazza Duomo, get off at nearby stations such as Cordusio, San Babila, Montenapoleone or Missori.


The Molino Dorino, Lampugnano, Bisceglie, Maciachini, and San Donato car parks extend their hours until 2 a.m.

night bus

As is the case every Saturday evening, after the subway is closed, alternative buses run with other night lines.

type of train

From 1 p.m., trams of Lines 2, 3, 12, 14, 16 and 19 are diverted and cars can slow down. Therefore, keep in mind longer travel times and longer-than-usual waits for layovers.

Tram 2: deviates in both directions between Corso Colombo (Porta Genova M2) and via Farini. Passage via viale Coni Zugna, piazzale Aquileia, viale San Michele del Carso, Conciliazione M1 via Ariosto, Largo Quinto Alpini via Pagano, Arco della Pace and corso Sempione via Procaccini and Monumentale M5. It does not pass through Corso Genova, Via Corrente, Via Torino, Duomo, Cordosio, Lanza and Viale Montello.

Tram 3: It runs between Gratosoglio and piazza 24 Maggio. It does not pass through Corso di Porta Ticinese, through Torino and the Duomo.

Tram 12: runs between Roserio-Cairoli M1 (via Cusani) and Molise-Missori M3. It doesn’t stop at Cordosio and Duomo.

Tram 14: runs on sections Lorenteggio-Cantore (Porta Genova M2) and Cimitero Maggiore-Cairoli M1 (Via Cusani). It does not pass through Corso Genova, through Corente, through Turin, the Duomo and Corduccio.

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Tram 16: runs on the San Siro M5-Duomo (via Kanto) and Monte Velino-Missori M3 lines.

Tram 19: does not stop between Piazza Virgilio and Largo Augusto. It is in service on the tracks:

  • Lambrate Largo Augusto. From here it turns around and ends at Fontana (with line 27)
  • Castles Square Virgilio. From here you deviate to Cairoli M1, passing Cadorna.

Automated teller machine

The ATM Point di Duomo is closed after 1.30pm. As an alternative to the ATM Point of Duomo, consider the branches in Cadorna or Centrale, which are open from 7:45 am to 8 pm.

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