Is there an invisible mirror world? science theories

Is there an invisible mirror world?  science theories

Science doubts our universe, and places itself on some matters Especially interesting questions and captivating. In fact, we still have a lot to discover about our universe, a topic that proves to be very fascinating. Some scholars question whether there is really anything other than what we know and from time to time they propose some implausible theories.

This is the case of researchers from the University of New Mexico, who recently published an article about what could be a file mirror universe. It is a very ambiguous theory, which also calls up some questions already known at the scientific level and revised in a completely new way. But let’s find out more about it.

Hubble’s constant problem

According to researchers from New Mexico, there will therefore be an invisible universe, a kind of mirror world that we cannot see, but whose particles can interact with our universe. through gravity.

It is a theory that can also serve as a reference point for solving a problem Hubble constant. This definition is intended to refer specifically to the rate of expansion of the universe.

Many calculations have been made over the years, but it has been found that the Standard Model calculations do not correspond to the actual measurements. Now scientists have come up with a new study in which they announce that they have found; Thanks to the mirror universe, a mathematical property of the universe that allows us to resolve confusions about the Hubble constant.

What the researchers said

Scientists point out that many of the observations made in cosmology can be explained by looking at symmetry in the scale of the universe. The calculations made show that there is a file invisible universe Ours, which communicate through gravitational interaction.

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The existence of this mysterious universe is exactly what allows us to match the calculations of the Standard Model with the measurements we have. Scientists explain that the mirror universe theory was already considered in the 1990s; But it had no follow-up because it was not then related to the problem represented by the Hubble constant.

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Now we understand the importance more, because it is really possible to find a relationship with universe expansion theory. So the universe holds more surprises that tell us how much there is still to discover to describe the origins of our existence and all that surrounds us.

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