Mara Venier, seriously ill said live: “…nothing to do”

Mara Venier, seriously ill said live: “…nothing to do”

Mara Vinier and the dangerous chronic illness told live left everyone breathless: Here’s what it’s all about

One of the presenters who, thanks to her tremendous professionalism, has attracted the attention of millions of viewers who love and especially appreciate her today is the great Mara Vinier. The woman has now been at the helm of a Sunday broadcast called Domenica In, between its ups and downs, for thirty-two years. Music and art in general, as it has been recently.

Mara Vinier live drama

Originally from Venice, Mara Venier left her home country to follow her first husband to the capital when she was just eighteen years old. The guy dreamed of the show, so Mara decided to try a movie career as well by starring in several successful films including Italian Diary by Sergio CapognaTaken from the short story Wanda by Vasco Pratolini. In addition to these other fictional films and successful films of Mara Vinier such as dark door in the episode Game Directed by Mario Foglitti.

To discover the talent of M.Ara Vinier takes care of director Nanny Lowe, who hooks up with then-semi-unknown Rosario Fiorello from the famous Cantagiro. Considering the professionalism of the gorgeous woman, she has been suggested Sunday in Luca Giurato supported in the 1992-1993 edition. Director Ray, due to Mara Vinier’s sophistication, wrote, the following year, to conduct the program as a soloist for three consecutive seasons, until 1997.

The beautiful anchor was also present on other hit shows with her dear friend Maria de Filippi, with Tu si que vales. She has always revealed her deep friendship with the queen of Italian TV, and in some dark moments, Maria did nothing but help her colleague by showing all of her deep friendship.

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Mara Vinier’s love life

As for the wonderful love life of Mara Venier, she was associated with the famous colleague, now friend Jerry Cala, with whom she shared various cinematic experiences with some Italian comedians.

The two had ended their relationship because Mara had discovered countless infidelities by the man which made her very angry.

Mara Vinier live drama
Mara Vinier live drama

Today, on the other hand, the two have a brotherly relationship, complete respect and mutual affection, so much so that Jerry Kalla proclaims the wonderful Mara Vinier: “My greatest friend. With the passion that remains after love and intelligence, one becomes a friend. It was normal for us. Some people stay at heart and the relationship turns into something else beautiful and full of complicity. I love her frankness, being always on her stomach, sympathetic and ready to impress, but also spontaneously joyful. He’s one of the truest people I know.”

He also later had an affair with Renzo Arbor cWith whom he has always had a special relationship today.

Instead, today Mara Vinier is romantically linked to the most important man in her life, Nicolas Carraro. Their relationship has captured the public at home and on the Internet so much that when Nicola returns home, the woman dedicated her a post “Welcome home, sweetheart”; The audience’s comments left the broadcaster speechless, who read some: “Nice to see you happy. hug fuThe”, “A wonderful couple. I like you very much ”,“ Beautiful, kind and in love! You are so hospitable that you make us feel invited to your home, congratulations!”, “Nice to see you together again ”,“ We ​​love you”.

He said the disease lives on in the Mara Vinier show

The guest of Dominica’s episode in the program run by Mara Vinier Ho Ho, Nino D’Angelo. The man admitted with an open heart that he had gone through truly horrific moments in his life, which were full of suffering and pain.

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He said in detail:He was locked inside the house for two years. He was suffering from an existential crisis. I tried to help him, But nothing to do. Yes, I have known depressionI have been arrested for 4 years. I don’t want to do anything anymore.”

It all came after the death of both parents with whom he was particularly attached.

Then he added:Depression does not make you laugh, nor does it make you dream. become void. It cannot be explained if one does not touch it with one’s hand. One morning I woke up and saw that my son was old And so I had to live for them.”

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