Transparency for Annalisa. Gregoraci . can not be reached

Transparency for Annalisa.  Gregoraci . can not be reached

Music is back in the arena. Summer music, songs that make you dance and sing at the highest level of your lungs, that make you dream of the beach and the sea. This is the case live rhythmswith delivery Alan Palmieri And the Elisabetta Gregoracci It’s the best way to participate in the “Live Stream” of the season’s shows. But not only that, because it’s the first summer – in a long time – where you can sing in front of the dancing audience, happy to be there, and scream. Of course, it was not only the songs that conquered, but also the look that we liked on the stage, from Annalisa to Gregoraci.

Battiti Live 2022, Annalisa’s summer look: transparency and crystals

Opening of the first appointment of Radio Norba Corneto beats live Entrusted to Vidiz, Tanani and Mara Sati the life is Nice. And already at this moment I clearly felt the warmth of the audience, the welcome given to the artists, but also the desire to part with them. Later, she, Annalisa, arrived with pomdbashto sing Tropicana: my place.

Not just for the song, Goes well with summerwinking with a desire to let go, but above all for the outfit chosen by the artist, is perfect for those nights spent between concerts: it is well suited to more contexts insuch as clubs and discos.

for a party live rhythmschoose Annalisa for one Intertwined with transparenciesAnd the Skirt with crystals e green heels (Amazing, we add). On the other hand, the make-up is simple, as is already the case in her style: she prefers to amaze Electric style lookAnd this isn’t the first time he’s left us speechless.

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The combination of black and green is also perfect: not just a separation. Performance is also perfect: pure design and adrenaline, with Bombadesh Who said, “The first summer where we can see all these people ahead of us, and we’re so happy.” And Annalisa couldn’t help but share the idea.

Battiti Live 2022, Elisabetta Gregorassy’s Look: Little Yellow Dress

We already had a file preview Looking Sporty in the First Evening by Elisabetta Gregoracci, but getting a chance to see it live is like no other. a Lemon yellow short dressSummer color par excellence. Furthermore, this shadow has been in trend for a while, and it has been It’s even worn by Lorella Kocarini Marking an episode of good evening friends.

Elisabetta Gregoracci We chose a lightweight, ultra-fitting lace fabric with a crew neckline. In general, their appearance is also ideal for showing off and drawing inspiration from, especially on hot summer evenings, when it is necessary to be able to find The perfect outfit to shinecombining the desire not to sweat at all.

We have to say it: It was good, at last, to see our hands raised again, and to feel the audience involved: the spirit of summer, the time of partying, and now the memories of the hard days when we couldn’t even embrace. Excellent first.

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