Isola 16, Veronica Cozzani Reveals Why She’s Never Seen On A Reality Show

Isola 16, Veronica Cozzani Reveals Why She’s Never Seen On A Reality Show

Veronica Cozzanihopefull Bellin, Cecilia And Jeremias Rodriguezas well as a wife Gustavo Yesterday she was a guest at island partyled by his brother-in-law Ignazio Moser And from Valentina Barbieri. Women, affectionately by musher Inspector Kozani who keeps everyone at bay, is the only one in the family who has never participated in the reality show.

Mom will answer the call Veronica? The answer was … countercurrent:

I’m not going to do a reality show for the bathroom. For me this is holding me back. I would never go to Celebrity Island or even Big Brother for a bathroom problem. Then there are the cameras. Not having a bath for me I can’t stand it. No, I could never do that in my life. Never, I’m the only one in the family who won’t do reality TV.

Veronica Won’t even go with pairing Cecilia:

No, for the bathroom. Bathing is a ritual for me. I can not do that. I can never share a bathroom or do my beach stuff in a hole. It’s not mine, I can cook. But no, I don’t see myself at all.

She was asked if she misses her veteran husband Celebrity Island:

I miss your company at night. Cooking and staying on the couch. his company. Until he took Santiago to school every morning. I missed this thing with Gustavo, the rest I’m fine with. I shot with my friends. I had a friend of mine as a guest at home for a week. Not all of these things can be done with a husband.

there Kozani She also recounted what she thought would punish her husband and child during their experience in Honduras:

I thought they showed more of his relationship with his son, being a couple on the reality show, but I didn’t see almost anything. I imagined something else. I forgot what the island looked like, you can see. Since they were in pairs, I fantasized about something else. They don’t know how to lie. Neither he nor Jeremias doesn’t know all those mechanics of television, if they said one thing and then things didn’t go well, they wouldn’t be inclined to.

Was there anger at them from other competitors?

I think yes. I saw him as soon as they entered. What Jeremias said about Rodriguez’s nickname is true. There are many prejudices. But that’s fine, that’s the price to pay. Let’s go on the same.

Veronica Cozzani has a favourite: Alessandro Iannone. According to the woman’s son Carmen de Petro He is a good man.

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