Thresholds that raise fines

Thresholds that raise fines

The government, led by Mario Draghi, made it immediately clear that the fight against tax evasion was its top priority.

But fighting tax evasion also means fighting tax evasion monetary. In fact, tax evasion can only be stopped by preventing or severely hindering the use of cash.

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Therefore, it becomes critical for the government to discourage the use of money and it does so in a number of ways that can be very punitive For those who are used to this payment method It has not yet been used for electronic payments.

Boundaries and thresholds that lead to investigations

Beware of many Maximum limits That leads to investigations but also fines. The government is well aware that it is very easy for a professional to evade taxes: just do it Pay with cash and it will never be tracked of that deal.


But of course this applies to any citizen and therefore to the government In monetary terms, everything changes Also, having a lot of cash in your pocket and at home becomes dangerous. Let’s see in order what to avoid in order not to incur fines and investigations. First of all, we must keep in mind the maximum premium cash Money.

Cash and payments limits

Currently you risk paying a large fine if you impose Cash payment of 2000 euros and above. But this only applies until the end of the year. In fact, from 2023, even if the payment is in cash of 1,000 euros and above, the penalty will be triggered. Moreover, when paying in store starting in June, the store owner will not be able to claim payment in cash. You will have to accept cards and ATMs. If the merchant asks for cash He will risk a pro-rata fine for the same payment amount.

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In your pocket or at home

But it is also important not to have a lot of money on it or at home. If a lot of money is caught in your pocket or at home, the tax officer may assume that this disproportionate amount of money is necessary. Tax evasion or money laundering Thus, investigations and sanctions will be possible. There is no real fixed limit that cannot be exceeded because during money checks Already found, it is directly related to the economic situation of the taxpayer. So it may not seem strange to a wealthier taxpayer that he has a large amount of money on him, but to a taxpayer with more economic hardship, the same amount may look suspicious and start checks.

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