Friends, coup d’état by Maria de Felipe: all guests of the first episode

Friends, coup d’état by Maria de Felipe: all guests of the first episode

Amici is about to return and previews of the show indicate that there will be guests of international caliber. What a blow for Di Felipe.

The new edition is about to start friends, The talent show he is hosting is unrivaled Maria de Felipe. Precisely for this reason, viewers are intently searching for information online to understand what will happen on the first date with the Channel 5 show. According to the rumors that have been circulating on the network over the past few days, the audience of famous talents we should expect Important news.

In fact, according to what was leaked, the authors had made significant changes regarding i trainer Pupils, and the internal regulations of the school, which the pupils must abide by. But for now, these are unofficial rumors because they have not been confirmed by the production that is working on creating the format.

Amici 23, all the guests of the first episode- (Credit: Mediaset Infinity)-

Regardless of the validity of these reports, the lovers friends They are excited that time is running fast and that they can thus see who will be the dancers and singers who will dominate the booths of the famous fair. Channel Five School. As usual, in fact, during The first episode of the showThe new students will be introduced to the audience and this is the reason for the anticipation and madness. There is also a lot of interest regarding guests.

Amici 23 All the guests of the first episode of the talent show

Anyone who has been following Amici for a long time knows with every date there is at least one guest, famous singer, actor or dancer who entertains fans. This is one of the aspects most appreciated by viewers of the format. Precisely for this reason, many are wondering who it will be well-known personalities Who will attend the Canale 5 studio in the name of Super guests.

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Finally the mystery was revealed, indeed First episode previews. As we learned from Giuseppe Porro’s Instagram page, the guests for the first date are the actor Jan Yaman, singer angelina Mango, presenter alicia Marcusi, dancer Matthias Zinzola And actor and director Leonardo Peracioni.

All the guests of the first episode- (Source Instagram @giuseppeporro)-

So there will be well-known faces from the small screen, music, dance and cinema. So an unmissable event is expected, where not only will boys and girls who will be the protagonists of the new season be introduced to the format, but viewers will also be able to attend the performances of national and international stars who will present themselves during The first episode of the series Amici 23.

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