Al Bano, the truth was not revealed: “When Ylenia disappeared …”

Al Bano, the truth was not revealed: “When Ylenia disappeared …”

Beloved singer Cellino San Marco returns to talk about the drama that has disturbed his life and that of his family, and adds details of the end of his marriage to Romina Power.

in life bano and his ex-wife Romina Power there pain That even time won’t be able to calm down, or The disappearance of his daughter Yelnia. Not having a body and a grave to cry on means that the pain never goes away, because, at least for Romina, the hope is that her beloved daughter will one day return.


Less hopeful is the father, who was convinced that his daughter had thrown herself into the waters of the Mississippi River. We remember that Ylenia made her lose track New Orleans In 1994 his body was never found.

Albano: Father’s Pain

Al Bano, who conducted several investigations even privately, came to the conclusion that Ylenia is You are free In this regard he stated in an interview with The Courier: “I spoke to the two people to whom he said in front of the Mississippi, ‘I belong in the water.’ There, I saw my daughter again and I realized that she had jumped into the river. Last year she had changed, she had gone on to write a book about the homeless in Belize. On the other hand, Romina thinks they drugged her and she is somewhere.”

On the occasion of his 79 years, the singer returned to the topic that hurts him the most in an interview People, He admitted:If you go through the pages of memory, there are some black, difficult and tragic pages. When my daughter disappeared and my daughter went Relationship with Romina I couldn’t answer for myself, I was experiencing a tsunami of my existence.”

Fortunately, Albano then found happiness next to his new partner, Loredana Lechesowho had a Jasmine and Albano Jr., He said Baidu. He said of her:Then I turned the page and things changed, because “the world turns” and the days go by, Loredana Lecceso came into my life 20 years ago, with whom I had two children, Jasmine and Bedouin. She is beautiful and smart. She is the mother of my two children, she is attentive and practical in her children’s education, and in this we are in harmony.”

end of marriage

For many years, fans of the couple, in life and music, hoped Albano and Romina to get back between them. Many believe that a file the end of their marriage That seemed insoluble attributed to the live drama. Indeed, even here the singer made some explanations and denied this motive.

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Al Bano and her lost daughter - Soluspitakulu
Albano and the disappearance of Jelenia in an old photo – Solospitakulu

About the end of marriage to the mother of his four children whom he specified: “His love started fading in the ’90s. I’m tired of the tours and also of my voice. On stage my eardrums are breaking. He was personality change“.

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