Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 02/03/22

Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 02/03/22

If there are two untouchable categories, in a study men and womenMothers are brave and ladies over 70. I can hardly stand both, usually.

It seems that they do everything themselves, that they are all theirs and that they only have their serious intentions, right there in the middle. We should almost thank them if they so kindly greeted us with their illustrious presence in this uncomfortable studio. Woe to him half, or else open the sky.

Pinocia della GiovannaFor example, she’s 80 years old and she’s so cute, pretty, and in a way that reminds me of her Katia Ricciarelli. The same modesty, the same education, the same humility in dealing with others. And the same respect towards the interlocutor above all.

They are so overwhelmed by their immeasurable ego that they do not even realize that they are aggressive, treacherous, and treacherous, when—to respond to legitimate criticism—they purposefully go on strike where they know it will do them the most harm. The singer has done it a thousand times Homepage subordinate Gf Vip 6And I did that, too La Pinocia When he was keen to point out that the old man had digestive problems Alessandro Rossa Only because he dared to take a note on the vaccine issue. hallucination.

They can say all that cabbage running through his head (after all he says too Afonzo, which is precisely that luxury that you can allow yourself, once you have reached a certain age…), but woe to reciprocate because then you lack respect. “I’m 80, that’s enough! I’m experiencing all this stuff here, I can’t stand it anymore!“. there he isvery easy!

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Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 02/03/22

Zero logic, zero tact and above all not being self-critical bearing in mind that they too can make mistakes (and avoid them if they do!). Everything must be given to them, by virtue of that venerable age which – unfortunately – is incompatible with wisdom and humanity.

What then, I want to say. La Pinocia Today she was eager to emphasize that she and AlexanderWe went together for six months, I came to Rome on purpose to find someone who loves me and I found her“.why do you keep on the show, then, if you’ve achieved your goal and everyone there is so bad that they can’t wait.”to create discord“?

As for brave mothers, a Maria de Filippi I like to abound and give us Federica Arversano Although we already got a piece like the ’90s Ida Platano. that is “I have so many responsibilities, I can’t live things in a carefree wayDon’t believe this life where you can’t even run in the meadows and pick daisies because you have a baby.

It is full of mothers who work, raise their children and experience the joys and disappointments of life like no one else. But they don’t smash the mar*ni like these two, Santodio. They seem to be the only ones in the world with responsibilities, the rest of us all being a bunch of irresponsible charlatans who don’t make a bat from morning to night. It seems that only they are afraid to suffer again, and the rest of us are enjoying like crazy by taking the poles in front instead. And it seems that the protection I miss for the pandas, the poor, must be ensured, and we, on the other hand, can be taken for granted that I miss the servant’s children.

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attendance between Ida And the Alessandro Vicenanza I’m passionate like quantum physics conference, I’m honest. But – given that neither seems to me to be mired in all this feeling, though the change he professes – may I say that he seems to me to be the more reasonable of the two?

More than one reason Ida She is a mother, but after twenty days you know a man – considering also the past you have in this studio – you can become a stranger if he does not come to Brescia at once, if he does not declare some kind of love to you and if he does not make flamboyant words about the family Molino Bianco Who dreams with you but thanks that someone still has some entanglement without being blinded by only a thirst for vision, instead!

that plane tree Not even realizing that one can take her by the ass as easily disarm her, simply by following her veiled pointers. Two or three sentences are fired on the effect of the sentences she loves so much, she is video call at 3 in the morning and she is tossed into her shop to do coloring on duty. You twist it well, get the two covers of the magazine you’ve been craving, and then see who has seen it.

The pole if you have to take it take it anyway, in life. But, if I were you, I’d prefer someone walking with lead feet, rather than fooling two in one fell swoop.

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