March 25, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Euthanasia and Drugs Poll: Gambino (Science & Life), “After providing grounds for inadmissibility, the Secretariat would like to self-criticize the media”

“Now that the reasons for not accepting the so-called referendums on euthanasia and soft narcotics have been presented, the intellectual honesty would like the information world to realize that it was, for the most part, at least a misleading, uncritical support of the media campaign of the referendum promoters.” This is stated in the note of Alberto Gambino, jurist and president of the Society of Scienza & Vita. “Now that the reasons have been presented, it is very clear – continues Gambino – that the referendums were not about euthanasia nor on soft drugs, but about killing at the behest of healthy people and even hard drugs, it will be important that how much is at the heart of the information of citizens, Especially with regard to morally and socially sensitive issues, and they aim to make public debate on this subject more pluralistic and transparent.” “Whether it is the chief counsel Giuliano Amato – concludes the judge – who has had to re-establish the truth of the facts with an anomalous as well as necessary press conference, should make everyone think, regardless of personal positions on these issues.”

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