Alessandra Celentano, her career was cut short due to a terrible disease. The process was inevitable

Alessandra Celentano, her career was cut short due to a terrible disease.  The process was inevitable

Alessandra Celentano decided to admit a bitter truth that forced her to quit dancing forever, a terrible disease ruined her career.

Alessandra Celentano became very famous as one of the best and also the strongestthe dance teachers of the talent of Maria de Filippi, Amici, over the years Celentano has shown that she knows how Rough talent formation in real diamond, At times she seemed particularly cruel to her students, but in the end everyone loves her precisely because she is a great teacher and even if she doesn’t want to show it too much, she has a heart of gold.

But perhaps what not everyone knows is that before joining the Canale 5 format, it was a career Alessandra Celentano was completely different, she was a professional dancer With a bright career ahead of him, unfortunately A terrible illness forced her to give up her dream.

Although this event stripped a part of herself, it did not stop her from pursuing her passion in a different way, that is, teaching the young talent everything in her power to make her a great dancer.

Alessandra Celentano had to give up dancing, terrible disease

Alessandra Celentano dances in her blood. In fact, she started dancing from a young age. In the eighties, she had the opportunity to become a great dancer in the Hungarian capital. So he begins to introduce himself and spreads his talent in the world of dance.

Celentano in the nineties at the height of its success, began to collaborate with the largest in the sector and dance in the most important theaters of our country, Like the opera in Rome and the La Scala theater in Milan, it has reached milestones Unbelievable satisfaction. But in this period he commits A fatal mistake cost her the profession she had always dreamed of.

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Alessandra Celentano

At the height of her success, Alessandra began to accuse severe pains in her feet, which are then considered an essential tool for the dancer, but, affected by the situation and the whirlwind of success, she decided not to pay attention to these details, He cracks his teeth and continues to dance, thinking that the pain might be part of the big job He is making a sacrifice and he has to bear it.

With the passage of time, she could no longer continue to ignore these severe pains, so she decided to go to a specialist doctor who would do an x-ray on her, Diagnosis is ruthless, it is a terrible disease for dancersrigid hallux valgus syndrome

This sees Alessandra being forced to let go of the boxes that had pushed her up to that point to dance like an angel, but she can’t do otherwise. This pathology is very common among dancers because it is caused by excessive exertion on the feet. The only thing that can be done is to undergo careful intervention in timeand interested but Alessandra ignored the problem when she could still “save herself” and this was fatal.

During the interview she talks about the situation, “It is a common disease among dancers because it is caused by excessive wear of the foot, and if treated in time it is not dangerous.. But I neglected it and it was a big mistake: Three years ago I got to the point that if I didn’t saturate myself with painkillers, I wouldn’t even be able to walk anymore.”

Alessandra Celentano

In the end, Celentano underwent the operation, which worked perfectly and today she can walk without excruciating pain. Despite having to give up dancing, Nevertheless, he found great pleasure and satisfaction from teaching at the Amici School.

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