October 4, 2022

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“Faster Than Fear” Season 1

A new series begins on Rai 4 on Monday, September 5 at 9.20 pm that will accompany viewers over the next few weeks with the first season, in the absolute premiere, of the “Faster Than Fear” crime. Simultaneously with the broadcast of the first episode, it will be available on RaiPlay il boxset Complete series with all episodes.
At the center of the narrative is the fearsome criminal Andre Hafner who escapes from a psychiatric institution and immediately begins an intense manhunt. Young policewoman Sunny Baker is also joining the team, having just returned to duty after a six-week medical leave. Although Sunny is ready to act, the main supervisor limits her role, putting her in the shadows of her colleagues. Will Sunny be able to prove herself in her team? But above all, what is the secret that connects you with the wanted person?
German director Florian Baxmer leads all episodes of the first season of “Faster Than Fear”, a series of detective detectives outside the canons of a typical procedural approach to the genre. In the center of the show is an image of a strong and resolute woman who at the same time seems fragile and a victim of a masculine and masculine vision of the work she does, in which the blurred boundaries that connect her profession to private life are a needle of balance that can jeopardize her place. To confront Agent Sunny Becher is Frederic Becht who throws himself into a “cat-and-mouse” manhunt with murderer and criminal rapist AndrĂ© Hafner, who has the face of Felix Claire.

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